Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paint Monkey

The other weekend a group of friends and I gathered for a painting class at Paint Monkey a local Pittsburgh painting studio that lets you plan private paint parties. 

  Prior to coming to Paint Monkey we chose as a group from a large list of painting options to paint the Georgia O'Keefe Flower. 

  Paint Monkey is BYOB ( *added bonus*) so we arrived and socialized and enjoyed some wine before diving into the painting. 

We were each provided a canvas with the print penciled on and paint, you can call it an adult version of paint-by-number.
Ali ready to paint her masterpiece.
We painted section by section with different colors and shading.
...until slowly they turned into flowers

Katie and her artwork.


..and all of a sudden they turned into masterpieces. 
Me and my artwork

Such a fun evening out with friends, cannot wait to do it again!



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We're Engaged!!

Some BIG events have occurred since I've been away, DFH proposed and we are so excited to say we are Engaged!

  DFH and I have been dating for six + years, so I have been waiting for this day for  forever  a little while hahaha, however I was completely surprised when the big event happened.  DFH sure pulled one over on these eagle eyes. 

A few Friday's ago I had plans with Steel Magnolia to grab a few drinks at a local Pittsburgh restaurant after work.  KLS had texted me earlier in the day to say she would pick me up at home after work.  I told her I just needed to run home and change out of my work clothes.  ( little did I know DFH had KLS in on the secret)

 DFH had told me that he was working Friday night, which is normal, so a proposal that night never even crossed my mind. 

Instead, I opened  my apartment door after work to find this:

Pink and Green balloons lining the hallway with pictures of DFH and I starting from the time we started dating continuing up to present.



All of the doors down the hallway were wallpapered with pink and green ( my favorite colors) tissue paper.
On the side of the wall read Memory Ln. in blue, meant to look like the street signs in our neighborhood. 
When I opened the door to the apartment, I was in complete shock, I looked down the hall past the balloons to see:

I walked down the hall opened up "Forever Ave" and DFH was in our living room surrounded by more pictures of us, balloons, flowers and champagne :)
....And then he proposed!!
Right after the proposal, still in work clothes haha.
All cleaned up and ready for dinner :)
After calling friends and family we headed to dinner at a delicious restaurant in our area where DFH had made reservations.

I was so excited and in shock I can't even tell you what I had for dinner.
We ended the night at SOBA one of our favorite Shadyside bars with too much more champagne and friends :)

Perfect night!