Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paint Monkey

The other weekend a group of friends and I gathered for a painting class at Paint Monkey a local Pittsburgh painting studio that lets you plan private paint parties. 

  Prior to coming to Paint Monkey we chose as a group from a large list of painting options to paint the Georgia O'Keefe Flower. 

  Paint Monkey is BYOB ( *added bonus*) so we arrived and socialized and enjoyed some wine before diving into the painting. 

We were each provided a canvas with the print penciled on and paint, you can call it an adult version of paint-by-number.
Ali ready to paint her masterpiece.
We painted section by section with different colors and shading.
...until slowly they turned into flowers

Katie and her artwork.


..and all of a sudden they turned into masterpieces. 
Me and my artwork

Such a fun evening out with friends, cannot wait to do it again!