Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Weekend of Lilly

     Are you tired of hearing about the Lilly Sale??? I'm sure at this point you have heard about the lines and the early morning Target website crash, the victories and losses. Well hope you have room for one more recap because I am still going to tell you about my experience.

   This weekend was pretty low key ( not including the animals at Target on Sunday). On Friday night DFH and I relaxed and Saturday I attended a luncheon for a local origination that supports single minority mothers. It was so inspirational to hear about some of the mothers the organization assists.  I canceled my hair appointment to attend the luncheon and ended up winning a free cut and color and hair products from my hair salon in the raffle, it was a sign. Haha
  Saturday night after volunteering for Junior League, I started preparing for the online portion of the Lilly for Target sale. I stayed up way too late and was not able to get any of my orders to go through.   I read online that a lot of people had luck searching items through Google and on their phone, but for me every item said it was not available or once the site went official it kept crashing. I know in the past Target has had the same online issues.  In the future I think I'll get some sleep and just go into the store. 

  On Sunday, my friend ALV, LES and I got to our local Target around 7:40am ( we should have been there around 7:15, but were delayed thanks to the snail-like breakfast sandwich maker at the bagel store)   At this point there were about 25 people ahead of us. By 8 am there were about 100 people behind us and another 100 people waited at a second entrance. 

  At 8 am they opened both doors, which was slightly really annoying considering the people at the 2nd door came much later. I briskly walked ran to the clothes section and literally the only thing I can compare it to was wild animals fighting from Mean Girls. People were crazy ripping clothes off the racks. There were so many people I couldn't even see what I was grabbing. I blindly grabbed the last shift and a pair of shorts, both in upstream print and miraculously  they both fit, even though the shift isn't my usual size.
   I was also able to snag the long rectangle pillow in the home goods sections and a pineapple makeup case from beauty. However I am still bitter about the woman who stole the yellow tassel scarf from my hand. 

   People were seriously acting insane. One lady asked if she could hold my shift while we were in line for dressing room and in my mind I thought she might sprint away with it. Luckily that didn't happen.

Overall I came out better then most. Getting to Target before 8am was certainly the key as everything was gone by 8:03. 

   My Sunday was spent being exhausted/ on a high from my purchases. On Tuesday night  I stalked Target again hoping to get find some Lilly returns, but there was nothing. 

   I heard yesterday that the stores are mailing everything back and not putting merchandise out in the store, has anyone else heard this???


Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

    Woo.. It's Friday. I am linking up for Five on Friday with A.Liz and co. and this week it's probably my most random list to date.  Enjoy. 
1. The Orchid is Alive 

     I received this orchid on my wedding day from DFH's sister. A month or so after the wedding the blooms died, but the plant itself still looked healthy ( the green leaves). We added fake orchid flowers from Michael's to the plant so that it looked like more than just leaves in a pot.   Even though I didn't have much hope DFH was so good about placing two ice cubes in the plant each week and 1.5 years later we have re growth and white flower blooms. The new plant has wrapped itself around the purple fakes flowers so I guess they are staying too.  Maybe not the coolest  thing ever, but I was excited especially since the orchid is from our wedding day. 
2. The Most Amazing Ladle Ever:

 Have you guys seen this Loch Ness Monster soup ladle?? Pretty ridiculous yet hilarious. DFH and I make homemade soup at least once a week in the winter so I think this needs to come home with us.  You can purchase it HERE.

3  March Madness Win: I know pretty much nothing about basketball. I don't think I could even name one current player in the NBA or on a college team.  Yeah, that's probably embarrassing.  Anyways, somehow I have won my work March Madness Bracket three years in a row. We do it a little differently where you pick college team names out of hat so it's all based on luck, but I still feel pretty special.  Haha 

4. Taylor Ham: 

       Have you ever heard of Taylor Ham?  If you are not from the NJ area then you probably haven't.  In fact I'm pretty sure you can only buy this deliciousness in the retro box in the state of NJ.   When we were home for Easter my Mom picked up some Taylor Ham for us to take back to Pittsburgh. I had forgotten just how amazing this mystery-like meat was on a egg and cheese bagel.  I ate the one I made in about .5 seconds (oink) before I could take a picture.  If you are ever in a NJ breakfast joint make sure you order this.  
5. Lilly For Target: The Countdown 

    Obviously, I couldn't not mention the Lilly for Target line.  I finalized my wish list last night and I am planning to start shopping online and then will hit up a number of Targets in the Pittsburgh area on Sunday morning.  I am just hoping everything is well stocked and that I can snag a few shifts.  What are your favorites in the line?
Hope you have a great weekend.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Time of My Life

   This past weekend was awesome. I have to give major props to DFH for being such an incredible Husband. I am not one to brag, but he did the sweetest thing. On Friday we had plans to lay low and do nothing.  Around noon DFH texted me while I was at work and asked if I was up for a surprise that night that involved leaving the house. Obviously I said yes.  I love surprises and was so curious what it could be. He told me I needed to dress up.  
  We took an Uber downtown and had a quick dinner and drinks.   I still had no idea where we were headed.  After dinner we started walking and ended up at the Benedum Theatre where Dirty Dancing the musical was playing.  DFH had bought us two tickets knowing that it was one of my favorite movies.    It was such a surprise and so thoughtful of him especially since he doesn't love musicals. 

The play was really well done and just like the movie. I hate when movies are recreated and the plot and soundtrack are changed. The actors were so talented and had the best voices.  I really wish I could have gotten the singing gene. 
DFH and I have both been crazy with work and we were in need of a date night. We went out for a drink after the play before heading home. It was  so nice to be able to sit and enjoy each other's company. 

On Saturday I had a scheduled date with my friend ALV for pottery painting . ALV knows my love of crafts and had given me a gift card to Color Me Mine for my Birthday.   I have blogged about Color Me Mine before, it is a national chain and you get to pick a piece of pottery and paint it. You leave your painted item at the store and they glaze it and put it in the kiln.  Color Me Mine has such a variety of items to paint and I just love it. 

ALV painted a cheese plate and I chose a chip and dip bowl. I cannot wait to pick up our final pieces this week 

I had attempted to stencil the inside, but my stencil slipped and I totally messed it up so I just painted the inside yellow.  This was after we had been there for four hours so I was starting to get lazy and lose steam. 

I cannot get this picture to turn, but as you can tell ALV had a lot more luck with the stencils.  It is such a fun activity. If you have one near by you need to give it a try. 

After hours of pottery painting we met up with LES to catch up and grab some Mexican. I was majorly craving Queso all day. LES just returned from a month in South East Asia so it was so nice to finally see her face and hear about her travels. 

On Sunday Oliver and I watched some Parenthood and worked on our taxes.  Although I hated being inside on such a gorgeous day, it was so nice  having the windows and doors open.
After a super miz winter fresh air is just the best. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rocksbox: Get Your First Month Free!

     My friend Lara gave me a Rocksbox for my birthday last month, at the time I had never heard of it.   Over the past year or so I have come across so many unique monthly boxes that I had my eye on, but this was one I was not familiar with, but let me tell you I am now obsessed.  

   For $19 a month Rocksbox sends you three pieces of jewelry to borrow and wear based on your style.  Before you receive your first box you go online and choose your style, when you normally wear jewelry (office, casually, nights out, etc.) and choose the type of pieces you wear most. From there a stylist will choose three pieces for you which you can wear and then choose to buy the pieces you like most. 

Their packaging is fabulous and I loved the personal touch. 

Even Oliver was excited to see what was inside.

I received a pendent necklace, statement necklace and mini Pearl pave triangle studs and I instantly wanted to purchase everything. 

    For two weeks I wore all of my pieces to see which I liked the best and I received so many compliments. I am a huge costume jewelry fan and it was so fun to be able to sport some new pieces, as I quickly get tired of the jewelry I have. The prices are extremely reasonable especially considering the quality.   They carry a number of different designers too. 

     Each month you get $10 spend money toward your purchase.  I ended up purchasing  the Gorjana triangle necklace.  I love how I can layer it with other necklaces. 

    After receiving my first box I was instantly addicted and am now counting down the days until my next box arrives.  It is so fun having new jewelry to wear without the pressure to buy everything, but at the same time I love that I can purchase my favorites.  

You can receive your first Rocksbox free using this code at checkout: LAURENBFF782
  Give it a try you will not be disappointed.  I mean, who doesn't love to receive some bling in their mailbox?!?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter with Monogrammed Eggs

Happy Easter!! Hope you all had a great weekend.  DFH and I were off Friday so we spent the long weekend in New Jersey with friends and family.  On Friday I went shopping with my mom and we had dinner with DFH's sister and spent the night hanging out with friends. On Saturday I attended a friends surprise bridal shower and then had Easter dinner with my family and grandparents.  On Sunday we packed up and headed back to Pittsburgh, but only after eating Easter breakfast prepared by my grandfather and a family egg hunt. As usual no pictures were taken the whole weekend, but we had a blast. 
      I did however snap a picture of our monogrammed eggs. I had been on the search for the Paas Monograms egg kit, but couldn't find it locally in Pittsburgh. I lucked out and the local Wal-Mart in NJ still had it in stock.   The kit came with several styles of font stickers and we loved jazzing up our eggs with some personal flair. I need to stock up on these kits because I think they need to make an appearance every Easter.   I don't think anything is better then a monogram dyed Easter egg. 

    I ate enough this weekend to feed an army, so this week it's back to eating healthy and lo carb. It is now less than a month until I run the Pittsburgh Marathon relay so I need to hit the pavement and really up my training, which has been almost non existent. Maybe this week I won't be last in my workweek hustle Fitbit Challenge.  Womp.
Have a great week.  The weather is finally warming up around here.  Not having to wear my winter coat today made this Monday a little better :)