Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter with Monogrammed Eggs

Happy Easter!! Hope you all had a great weekend.  DFH and I were off Friday so we spent the long weekend in New Jersey with friends and family.  On Friday I went shopping with my mom and we had dinner with DFH's sister and spent the night hanging out with friends. On Saturday I attended a friends surprise bridal shower and then had Easter dinner with my family and grandparents.  On Sunday we packed up and headed back to Pittsburgh, but only after eating Easter breakfast prepared by my grandfather and a family egg hunt. As usual no pictures were taken the whole weekend, but we had a blast. 
      I did however snap a picture of our monogrammed eggs. I had been on the search for the Paas Monograms egg kit, but couldn't find it locally in Pittsburgh. I lucked out and the local Wal-Mart in NJ still had it in stock.   The kit came with several styles of font stickers and we loved jazzing up our eggs with some personal flair. I need to stock up on these kits because I think they need to make an appearance every Easter.   I don't think anything is better then a monogram dyed Easter egg. 

    I ate enough this weekend to feed an army, so this week it's back to eating healthy and lo carb. It is now less than a month until I run the Pittsburgh Marathon relay so I need to hit the pavement and really up my training, which has been almost non existent. Maybe this week I won't be last in my workweek hustle Fitbit Challenge.  Womp.
Have a great week.  The weather is finally warming up around here.  Not having to wear my winter coat today made this Monday a little better :)


  1. I feel like Easter snuck up on me this year, I didn't get the chance to do anything festive leading up to the holiday. These eggs look awesome!