Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Do you Fitbit?

     I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  Just when I thought spring had arrived in Pittsburgh it snowed again last night.  This past weekend was laid back and we got some work done on the house and watched lots of March Madness. I don't love basketball, but I get super into my bracket.  It was so nice having a weekend with no set plans.


  A couple weeks ago I received a Fitbit Flex from DFH for my birthday. A few of my friends had them and loved them and said having it really motivated them to exercise. I am trying to be better about my workout routine start working out again and get toned for summer, ever since I turned 30 I have found it harder to maintain my weight, so I was hoping a Fitbit was just the push I needed. 

     If you are not familiar with the Fitbit it tracks your steps and you can compete with your friends as to who takes the most steps each day/ week/weekend.  It also monitors your sleep and you can add in the foods you eat each day. 

  So far I love mine and love how motivated the Fitbit makes me. Knowing I'm challenging my family and friends brings out my competitive side. I find myself parking further away from stores or using the bathroom two floors up at work just to get those extra steps.  I also have never been one to track calories so I have also really enjoyed that aspect. It really makes me realize how many calories are in some foods that I would eat without thinking about it. The weekends are especially bad, after a weekend of eating out and drinking it is shocking to see the calorie count, but it does make me want to work out more so I can continue to enjoy my weekend indulging in tasty foods and drinks.   

    Another thing I love about the Fitbit is you can set fitness goals for yourself and the app tells you how many calories you should be taking in and burning off in order to meet your goal.  I am hoping that my Fitbit will help me stay on track  so that I can be bikini ready by summer.

   Do you have a Fitbit?  Do you love it?

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  1. I don't Fitbit, but I do need the deets on that cute pineapple bracelet!