Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Back.

   DFH and I are back from our Honeymoon.  We left the beautiful Mexico weather and temperatures and returned to a chilly Pittsburgh and lots of work to catch up on.

I am already pale again, which is sad.  We had the most amazing time, we ate delicious food,  enjoyed the turquoise water, drank way too many margaritas, and even did some sight seeing.  More to come on our trip later.
Now that we are home we need to attempt to organize our tiny apartment to find room for all of our new treasures,  get new bank accounts, and I have to legally change my name on all my documents, which from what I have heard is a huge pain.  
As much as I am sad that all the wedding festivities and honeymoon are over it will be nice to get back to normalcy and enjoy being home without running around like a crazy person doing last minute crafts, or running to Michael's on a daily basis.
Now that my last name has changed,  I am thinking I need a new blog name as I am no longer a Plate ( bittersweet).  Any thoughts or recommendations??  Let me know.
Lastly, I'd like to wish my sister and MOH  JLP a very Happy Birthday! 
I hope you have an amazing day!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Recommendations

  DFH and I leave in just a couple days for our Honeymoon and I cannot wait to be laying on the beach relaxing with a good book and a drink in my hand. It is killing me that I am back at work and back to reality this week, but at least I have something to look forward to, to cure my PWD ( Post wedding depression).   

  I would love some good book recommendations for the h.moon.   I am ashamed to say it, but I have been so busy that I haven't even finished a book since July, and I have been reading War Brides for the last three months and my Kindle tells me I am still only 52% done.  Womp Womp. 

So let me know your favorite easy, breezy, enjoyable beach reads!!  What are the cool kids reading these days?!  I don't even know what has come out recently. 


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Married!


           I cannot believe DFH and I are married!  The weekend was amazing and as everyone said, it flew by!!   It is such an overwhelming and incredible feeling to have all of our friends and family in one place, celebrating DFH and I.   We are so lucky and had the best bridal party and guests at our wedding.    There will be plenty of posts to come, but here are a few pictures some of our friends and family took at the wedding


Posing with my bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner
The Kiss
Love this collage, thanks Jess

First Dance
MG KM and I
Elon girls
I love this mini collage!  Thanks JDM!  Make sure you check out her blog  it is the cutest ever!
Of course we needed one picture with Oliver in his tux.
Now, we are back in Pittsburgh suffering from PWD ( Post Wedding Depression) and counting the days until we leave for our honeymoon!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Best Pumpkin Beers Ever

     Being engaged to a self proclaimed beer connoisseur/beer snob has certainly given me the chance to taste hundreds of beers and has made me much more of a craft beer drinker.  I admit that most craft beers are much more enjoyable then sipping on a Miller Lite. My favorite craft beers are definitely pumpkin and DFH and I have tried tons of them.  If DFH hears of a new delicious pumpkin beer he is the first to run to our craft beer six pack shop, which is entirely too close to our home, and pick it up.

      Through all my sampling I have discovered which beers I think are the best, pumpkin-flavor-wise, that contain the right amount of pumpkin and the right amount of spice. 

Here are my personal favorites:


1. Jack-o Traveler Shandy: This beer I just discovered last weekend while in Cape Cod. It was served on draft with a cinnamon and sugar rim.  This certainly has a strong pumpkin and spice flavor.  Even my friend ALV (a non beer drinker) loved it and left craving more. 

2. Southern Tier Pumking :   This beer is amazing and certainly has an intense pumpkin spice flavor,  if you like that. You literally feel like you are drinking a pumpkin pie.  This was my absolute favorite until I tried the Jack-o Traveler Shandy which certainly rivals it.


3. Schlafly Pumpkin Ale:  Again this beer has an intense pumpkin flavor.  I'm sorry I am not the best at describing beer.  As you can see I love a pumpkin beer that's has strong flavors.  I just hate when I get a flavored beer and I am searching for the flavors. 

4. Philly Brewing Jag-O-Lantern: Sadly, I haven't found this beer yet this year, I just remember it being super tasty. It has stuck in my mind the entire year.

5. Arsenal Cinnamon Cider:   This is a local Pittsburgh cider made at the local cider house.  I am a huge cider fan and this is one of the best ciders I have ever had.  It is an apple pie in your mouth.  ( Don't you like my comparisons to food)  Even DFH who doesn't love cider thought it was delicious, and not too sweet.  The perfect drink for a fall day. 

I couldn't find the cinnamon picture, but this Arsenal honey crisp apple cider is also delicious.  

What are your favorites?? I would love to try a new pumpkin beer or cider.