Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Best Pumpkin Beers Ever

     Being engaged to a self proclaimed beer connoisseur/beer snob has certainly given me the chance to taste hundreds of beers and has made me much more of a craft beer drinker.  I admit that most craft beers are much more enjoyable then sipping on a Miller Lite. My favorite craft beers are definitely pumpkin and DFH and I have tried tons of them.  If DFH hears of a new delicious pumpkin beer he is the first to run to our craft beer six pack shop, which is entirely too close to our home, and pick it up.

      Through all my sampling I have discovered which beers I think are the best, pumpkin-flavor-wise, that contain the right amount of pumpkin and the right amount of spice. 

Here are my personal favorites:


1. Jack-o Traveler Shandy: This beer I just discovered last weekend while in Cape Cod. It was served on draft with a cinnamon and sugar rim.  This certainly has a strong pumpkin and spice flavor.  Even my friend ALV (a non beer drinker) loved it and left craving more. 

2. Southern Tier Pumking :   This beer is amazing and certainly has an intense pumpkin spice flavor,  if you like that. You literally feel like you are drinking a pumpkin pie.  This was my absolute favorite until I tried the Jack-o Traveler Shandy which certainly rivals it.


3. Schlafly Pumpkin Ale:  Again this beer has an intense pumpkin flavor.  I'm sorry I am not the best at describing beer.  As you can see I love a pumpkin beer that's has strong flavors.  I just hate when I get a flavored beer and I am searching for the flavors. 

4. Philly Brewing Jag-O-Lantern: Sadly, I haven't found this beer yet this year, I just remember it being super tasty. It has stuck in my mind the entire year.

5. Arsenal Cinnamon Cider:   This is a local Pittsburgh cider made at the local cider house.  I am a huge cider fan and this is one of the best ciders I have ever had.  It is an apple pie in your mouth.  ( Don't you like my comparisons to food)  Even DFH who doesn't love cider thought it was delicious, and not too sweet.  The perfect drink for a fall day. 

I couldn't find the cinnamon picture, but this Arsenal honey crisp apple cider is also delicious.  

What are your favorites?? I would love to try a new pumpkin beer or cider.


  1. I love Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale. It is spicy and not too sweet

  2. Can't wait to drink my Jack-O :) Super glad it's available here!

  3. thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to try!