Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Invitations


      I promise I will try and do some non-wedding related posts in the next few days.  I apologize I am just eating and sleeping wedding right now.   Whether it is attending friends weddings on the weekends or finalizing our own wedding plans, that is just about all I do.  So I don't have too many other exciting things to talk about. 

     Now that all of our invitations are out I can finally post about them and show you some pictures.  I know everyone has different priorities when planning their wedding, for me it was the music and the invitations.  There were other priorities, but these two stick out in my mind. 

   Growing up my parent's wedding invitation was proudly displayed in a frame in the foyer of our house.  It is something I always remembered looking at and I love that they still have it up after 35 years of marriage.   When designing my invitations this was something I wanted to do too.  I wanted invitations that would be timeless, that I could frame in my house and look back 50 years from now and still love.  Plus I have always wanted a simple and traditional invitation design. 


   Our colors for the wedding are gray, sage green, and terracotta  (which is almost a copper color).  We decided to use the sage and gray for the invitations as we did for our Save The Dates.    The terracotta color is hard to match so we decided to leave that color out of the invitations and as an element of surprise which will come in throughout the ceremony and reception.


     I am so so happy with how our invitations came out.  I love the paper, the colors, and the fonts which I went back and forth on for weeks hahahah      If you are local in the Pittsburgh area, I ordered all my Save the Dates and Invitations through Nota Bene in Aspinwall and they are beyond fabulous.  They didn't bat an eye when I may or may not have asked for 6 different font proofs.  ( Inner Zilla?)

   I always wanted to do letter press invitations, because I just think it gives the invitation such a great classic look.   I am so glad I did!  The letter press came out gorgeous.   As I previously have said I didn't want to use our married monogram on anything until after the ceremony so Doug and I decided on this design with our first initials.  

      Our calligrapher was also amazing. She did such a fantastic job I can't even imagine being able to write like that.  We received so many compliments and she was awesome to work with.   Again if you are local to Pittsburgh I can recommend a super talented calligrapher.

     DFH was great and helped me get all of the invitations out as soon as we received them back from the calligrapher.    Our assembly line worked well!
The countdown is on 17 days to go !


  1. AHHH so exciting!!! These are really beautiful. We went with a similarly simple, classic look. No major frills, just pretty paper with all the details :)

  2. That is so exciting! Your Invitations are beautiful!


  3. Those are gorgeous! Love the font you chose