Wednesday, September 18, 2013

( Less than ) One Month Until I Am Married!!

      As of today there are officially 23 days until DFH and I are married.  I need to remember to take deep breaths, I still feel like I have a lot of little stuff to do.  Luckily, this past weekend at home my mom and I were able to cross a lot off the to do list so I feel better than I did last week.    I was even offered two free Pittsburgh Penguins hockey tickets this week, but I declined because I knew I have a ton of wedding stuff to do.   DFH and I love the Penguins so this is serious, I don't even want to tell DFH about the tickets I know he will be bummed.  

Here is where I am in terms of my list accomplishments and near future "To Do's" with less than ONE month to go!

1. Pick a Date -----------------CHECK

2. Reception Venue ------------ CHECK

3. Church --------------------------CHECK
* So excited to be getting married in the church I grew up in.

4..Band ------------------------------CHECK


6. . Wedding Dress and Veil--CHECK
* So. Excited. This makes everything feel so real

7.Engagement Party-------------CHECK
* This was not on my check list, but my parents hosted a fabulous engagement party for DFH and I over Christmas so I had to add it to my check list

8. Announce Engagement in the paper---------CHECK

9. Ask Bridal Party To Be In Wedding ---------------CHECK

10. Take Engagement Pictures-----------------------   CHECK

11. Hire Organist for Ceremony ----------------------CHECK

12. Reserve Hotel Rooms ----------------------------CHECK

13. Choose Bridesmaid Dresses--------------------CHECK

14. Book a Florist---------------------------------------CHECK

15.Pick and Book a Rehearsal Dinner Location------CHECK

16. Register--------------------------------------CHECK

17. Choose Save The Dates--------------------------------CHECK

18. Rent Chairs---------------------------------------------CHECK

19. Order Groom and groomsmen attire--------------CHECK

20. Research / Book Videographer----------------- I still want to do this.

21. Research/ Book Transportation--------------------- CHECK

22. Book Hairstylist--------------------------------CHECK

23. Book Makeup --------------------------------1/2 check, waiting on the contract.

24. Attend Caterer Food Tasting--------------------CHECK

25. Meet with our minister-----------------------------CHECK

26. Ask KLS to sing at our ceremony -----------------CHECK
* So excited for her to sing at our wedding!

27.Complete Guest list ------------------------------------CHECK

28. Research Invitations --------------------------------CHECK

29. Order Invitations                                                CHECK

30. Set up wedding website--------------------------CHECK

31. Book day after wedding photographer             CHECK

32. Research Honeymoon -------------------------CHECK

33. Book Honeymoon                                         CHECK

34. Decide on Ceremony Music------------------- 1/2 check. We need to finalize our song list.

35. Find/Order reception décor items ------------------CHECK  ( I think at this point we have everything, I think I went to Michaels at least 3 times a week this summer)

36. Finalize Welcome Bag ideas------------------------CHECK ( just need to put the bags together

37. Decide on Table Number design                  CHECK

38. Decide on Place Card design------------------CHECK ( waiting for final head count )

39. Order Thank You Cards ---------------------CHECK

40. Pick out Bridal Shoes/ accessories-------------CHECK ( shoes, and jewelry picked out)

41. Surprise Bridal Shower!! --------------------CHECK
* This was not on my to do list, but I had to share: My mom and bridal party hosted the best bridal shower ever for me last weekend! I was shocked! I think I was shaking the whole time. I can't imagine a better shower!

42. Send Save The Dates -----------------------------Check

43.  Pick out wedding bands                                 CHECK

44. Send out invitations-------------------------------CHECK

45.  Research Send Off car ------------------------------Still debating about this

46. Research / Order Favors--------------------------CHECK

47. Hair Trial- scheduled for the next time I am home  CHECK

48.  Dress fitting----------------------------------CHECK (Just had my 2nd one)

49.  Ceremony Programs ------------------------ Working on these now.

50. Welcome Bag Programs -------------------- Working on these now.

51. Something Borrowed -------------------------Check ( My Mom's Earrings)

51. Something Blue------------------------------- Check ( Pearl on the Garter)

52. Something Old -------------------------------Check ( The Garter is made from my Mom's wedding   dress)

53. Something New--------------------------------Check ( My wedding dress)

54. Six Pence-----------------------------------------CHECK

55. Meet with Florist and see centerpieces --------------CHECK

56. Finish our sessions with the minister ----------------CHECK

57. Ask our readers to read a verse at the ceremony ---------- CHECK

58. Send out Rehearsal Dinner invitations ---------------------CHECK

59. Apply for Marriage License ---------------------------------CHECK

60.  Speak with all the vendors for the rehearsal dinner ------CHECK

61.  This wasn't on my list, but two of my Pittsburgh bridesmaids had an amazing shower for me in Pittsburgh at the cutest little bed and breakfast ( Post to come)

62.  Have a fabulous bachelorette weekend with my bridesmaids--------------------CHECK

63. Finish DIY candle project

64.  Order China for the rehearsal dinner

65.  Rehearsal Dinner centerpieces

66. Work on Rehearsal Dinner Slide Show

67. Get day after the wedding outfit

68.  Book Makeup/Hair for day after wedding pictures

69.  Finish getting gifts for bridal party

70.  Blow up pictures for reception.

71.   Put together seating chart

72.   Place Cards

73.  Decide on Specialty Drink

74. Finalize song list for band

75. Finalize picture list for photographer

76. Get final count to Venue/Caterer

SO SO Soon!!  DFH and I were at a wedding this past weekend, and it just made everything feel so real and we got so excited, knowing we would be in their position in only three weeks.

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