Monday, September 23, 2013

Sarah is a Mrs!


    This summer I was so honored to stand by my friend Sarah's side as a bridesmaid in her wedding.   Sarah and I met at college orientation the spring before we were freshman at Elon.  We ended up rushing the same sorority, and lived together in the sorority house Sophomore year and every year after that going forward in college, including a semester in London when we both studied abroad.  Sarah and I have such a fabulous friendship and she is one of my best friends, it was so special for me to be in her wedding. 

   Sarah and her now Husband Mike got married at the stunning Fox Hill Inn in Connecticut on one of the most beautiful days of the summer.


Elon girls! 
How gorgeous are the bridesmaid dresses.  I love the black lace.  So feminine and flattering. 
Our first look at the bride with her dress on.
Sipping Champagne with a straw is necessary to prevent messing up your lipstick.
Our Bridesmaid Bouquets. 
The pink peonies Sarah chose were beautiful, and were used throughout her ceremony and reception.  Obviously I am sucker for a pink and green bouquet.
Sarah and Mike during their first look.  I couldn't help sneak a peek from the balcony upstairs.
Here Comes the Bride.
Me, watching the bride walk down the aisle.
Even Sarah and Mike's dog Bailey was part of the wedding.  How much do you love the leash?!
Their ceremony was so sweet and personalized.
All of the Elon ladies.

Old Sigma girls. 
 The four of us are best friends from college and all lived together our Senior year in an off campus sorority house called Old Sigma. 
 I cannot wait for all three of these girls to stand by my side for my own wedding.

Sarah is like a 3rd daughter to my family and has celebrated many holidays with our family.  It was so fun to have my parent's at her wedding to celebrate!
I am so happy for Sarah and wish her and her wonderful Husband nothing but the best!

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