Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Weekend of Lilly

     Are you tired of hearing about the Lilly Sale??? I'm sure at this point you have heard about the lines and the early morning Target website crash, the victories and losses. Well hope you have room for one more recap because I am still going to tell you about my experience.

   This weekend was pretty low key ( not including the animals at Target on Sunday). On Friday night DFH and I relaxed and Saturday I attended a luncheon for a local origination that supports single minority mothers. It was so inspirational to hear about some of the mothers the organization assists.  I canceled my hair appointment to attend the luncheon and ended up winning a free cut and color and hair products from my hair salon in the raffle, it was a sign. Haha
  Saturday night after volunteering for Junior League, I started preparing for the online portion of the Lilly for Target sale. I stayed up way too late and was not able to get any of my orders to go through.   I read online that a lot of people had luck searching items through Google and on their phone, but for me every item said it was not available or once the site went official it kept crashing. I know in the past Target has had the same online issues.  In the future I think I'll get some sleep and just go into the store. 

  On Sunday, my friend ALV, LES and I got to our local Target around 7:40am ( we should have been there around 7:15, but were delayed thanks to the snail-like breakfast sandwich maker at the bagel store)   At this point there were about 25 people ahead of us. By 8 am there were about 100 people behind us and another 100 people waited at a second entrance. 

  At 8 am they opened both doors, which was slightly really annoying considering the people at the 2nd door came much later. I briskly walked ran to the clothes section and literally the only thing I can compare it to was wild animals fighting from Mean Girls. People were crazy ripping clothes off the racks. There were so many people I couldn't even see what I was grabbing. I blindly grabbed the last shift and a pair of shorts, both in upstream print and miraculously  they both fit, even though the shift isn't my usual size.
   I was also able to snag the long rectangle pillow in the home goods sections and a pineapple makeup case from beauty. However I am still bitter about the woman who stole the yellow tassel scarf from my hand. 

   People were seriously acting insane. One lady asked if she could hold my shift while we were in line for dressing room and in my mind I thought she might sprint away with it. Luckily that didn't happen.

Overall I came out better then most. Getting to Target before 8am was certainly the key as everything was gone by 8:03. 

   My Sunday was spent being exhausted/ on a high from my purchases. On Tuesday night  I stalked Target again hoping to get find some Lilly returns, but there was nothing. 

   I heard yesterday that the stores are mailing everything back and not putting merchandise out in the store, has anyone else heard this???



  1. The woman at my Target said they had to mail all returns back to the store. You had good luck getting a few items, I had my eye on those shorts! Alas, by the time I got to my store everything was gone. We had the smallest display put out anyways so it didn't appear we had much of a selection to begin with.

  2. Love the shorts-perfect for the beach!