Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekend Life and Lilly Sale

Ohh hey, Happy Wednesday.

      How was your weekend?  On Saturday some friends and I went to a local outdoor music festival. One of my favorite blue grass bands was playing and the festival was a fundraiser for MS.  The park had a number of food trucks and beer and wine vendors which is always fun.

    I wore my favorite pineapple tank from Walmart and got so many compliments on it, a few people asked me where I got it from and thought it was Lilly Pulitzer, no one would have guessed it was $2.99. Win! 

    The Mulligan Brothers!! I have blogged about them a few times before.  This Alabama band is a combo of bluegrass, rock, and Americana and they are so good. I try to see them every time they come to Pittsburgh. 

Humming House was the headliner band, I had never heard of them, but am now obsessed and have not stopped listening to them.  The lead singer's voice is incredible and their songs had such great beats that just made me want to dance.  

    A few of my best friends from college from Charlotte and California were in Pittsburgh this weekend for a wedding Saturday night and stayed with me Sunday and Sunday night. I was so happy I was able to spend time with them on their visit.  On Sunday we started our Sunday Funday with brunch and drinks overlooking the city at Grandview Saloon.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  After some sightseeing, we ended up back at my house for a charcuterie dinner and some HGTV Beach Flip. One of our sorority sisters is on the show so we were excited to watch it together.  

Hey Pittsburgh, looking good.

  Did you guys check out the Lilly sale?  How did you guys feel about the virtual line?  I was annoyed at first when there was an hour wait when I first logged on, but once I got into the sale it was nice to be able to look through everything without items flying from my cart.  Although I shouldn't be spending money, I really only allow myself to buy Lilly items through the two sales so I wanted to stock up on a couple of my favorite tops and scarves.

  I also ordered the Megan hooded tunic above. It looked so soft and I thought it would be perfect for lounging and errands in the winter with leggings, except after I purchased it I was informed by a friend that it was terry cloth.  Not sure how I feel about it now, guess we'll have to see in person.

Did you have any luck with the sale? 

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