Friday, June 17, 2011

Nailin' It

   Recently my friend LES posted a status which I couldn't agree more with, which said, "WHEN IS SUMMER BREAK?!?!"  Does anyone else feel that way in the real world?  I love my job, but how nice would it be if everyone had off for a month in the summer?  I know I can't complain as I was able to pull out three more care free summers after college ( not including the one studying for the bar) without having to work everyday, but I still miss being able to slack a bit in the summer.  Thinking about it, there are so many things I took for granted during my care free summers.  No longer can I sleep in til 10:00 am on summer weekdays or lounge at the pool.  No longer can I take multiple vacations traveling or visiting friends at the very last minute, no longer can I obtain a tan without trying very hard, and NO longer can I keep my Summer nails on during the week.  You know that bright obnoxious hot pink nail color that can only be properly worn in the summer.  I don't know about your jobs, but I know that a Judge would not take me seriously if he/she saw my Essie Pink Parka nails.  ( which accidentally happened a few weeks ago due to my laziness). 

Now TBTH..... ( to be totally honest)  I am kind of a boring nail polish wearer.  I prefer to wear Essie's Ballet Slippers on my fingers.

  Yes I know it is boring and neutral, but I love the color, AND you can't tell when it chips ( I admit I am super lazy when it comes to removing nail polish, I usually let it chip til it's almost gone)

But in the Summer I do like to have fun with nail polish and especially right now there are great new fun bright colors and paints that I want to try.  The downside is I can only sample these colors on my weekend nails ( as ALV calls it).    I am worried that I am just too lazy to apply colors Friday night only to have to remove them Sunday, before work in the am...ughhh.  Actually I know I am too lazy, but I am dying to try the following:

Essie: Too Too Hot: This looks like a nice healthy Coral, perfect for summer
Love this Essie Braziliant:  This would contrast perfectly against a pink dress.

OPI: Do You Think I'm Tex-y:  Love this deep Fuchsia. 

What do you think about Katy Perry's Teenage Dream??  I know woah Sparkles!!  But I have seen a number of people wearing it, and it is super fun, for weekend nails. 


I kind of want to try the shatter with teenage dream under it. 

Although it kind of reminds me of leopard print, It looks so fun!!  Has anyone tried it?  How hard is it to get off your nails?

What are your favorite weekend nails??


  1. I'm literally obsessed with Ballet Slippers! I always get it but I started branching out to colors this year. I LOVE me some TEENAGE DREAM! I might have to invest in an entire bottle. Also became mildly smitten with Fiji, but that also very similar to ballet slippers... *sigh*

    Such a cute blog! I'm glad I found it!!

  2. I wore Ballet Slippers last year for a wedding I was in an fell in love with the color! I usually go totally boring on my nails, and wild with my toenail colors. If your looking for a great summer color (one I hands down always do when I get a pedicure) check out OPI Cajun Shrimp! Love It!

  3. Shatter polish isn't difficult to remove at all- it comes off like any regular polish. Glitter polish is another story, though...

  4. Lovin' the hot pink nails, I have never been confident enough to pull this off lol(thanks for following btw!)

  5. Just found your blog! I've been so intrigued with the shatter polish every time I go for a manicure but haven't tried it yet. One of my favorite summer colors is a tropical orange.

  6. Pink parka is a great toenail color for the summer - but it can be a little embarrassing to wear to work with open toe shoes...

    I really want to try a mint color for my next weekend nails endeavor. Nail polish is probably one of my favorite things. Definitely want to try the Shatter, but I'm not such a big fan of Teenage Dream.