Sunday, June 12, 2011

Extreme Couponing....Take 1

Have any of you watched the Extreme Couponing Show on TLC???  I can't stop watching, I'm amazed that these people have a $1000 worth of groceries and then their final bill comes to $8.00.   For those who don't watch the show, these women spend 40 + hours a week cutting coupons and then they go to the grocery store with their stacks of coupons and save hundreds of dollars and have grocery stock piles in their homes worth thousands of dollars. ( seen below)

     ALV and I talk about this show all the time and have a few issues with extreme couponing.

1. These people NEVER buy and produce

2.  They buy in bulk....I do not have the room nor the appetite to buy 48 bottles of Mountain Dew and 36 bags of Fritos

3. Nothing is ever healthy

4.  You probably save more money getting a job that pays you, instead of spending 40 hours a week cutting coupons.

5.  They don't take into account the money it costs for their 15 newspaper subscriptions. 

  Anyways, I am attempting my own (non extreme) couponing experiment.  Normally when I grocery shop I buy what ever is on sale with my advantage card, or I buy the store brand.  This week I  am experimenting with coupons.   I recently started receiving a Sunday paper so I have cut manufacturer coupons and added e-coupons to my advantage card.  I am interested to see if saving .50 cents on Kraft Parm cheese will save me more money than just buying the store brand. 

So stay turned to find out if I actually save more money using coupons rather than buying store brands.

Do you coupon?


  1. I literally just wrote a post on this (just a draft, haven't put it up yet). I don't want to be a crazy couponer and have 70 bottles of mustard but I am trying to use coupons (only on things I actually use!)

    I have found some great blogs that tell you how to stack coupons to get the best deal. I like the idea of stacking a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Works really well!

  2. PS-I am glad the last few episodes have shown people who DONATE the excess! I think it's great to use couponing to get extra for shelters/food banks