Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blood Concept Perfume

   As I continue to look for a new winter perfume, I aways make sure to browse magazines to see what perfumes they recommend.  Today on dailycandy.com I read about Blood Concept Perfumes, a new concept which matches perfume scents based on your blood type ( Weird, but cool).  I've never thought about your blood type having anything to do with scents you like, I guess it could make sense.  It could be a complete gimmick, but I also think it sounds pretty cool, does your blood type sound like a scent you would enjoy??

O – Animalistic impulses from history’s oldest bloodline; a leathery scent with hints of raspberry, cedar wood, and thyme.
A – A swift progression to agrarian-inspired greenery via tomato leaves, basil, and star anise.
B – Intense spice for culturally inclined nomads; red apple and black cherry blend with pepper, black tea, and a dash of patchouli.
AB – A mineral stream for nature-averse urbanites; aluminum and slate wash over a bed of saline-soaked pebbles.

My blood type is A+  ( I am not sure how I feel about smelling like tomato leaves and basil, although I do love Pizza hahahaha)

What do you think about Blood Concept Perfumes?

You can purchase Blood Concept Perfumes at luckyscent.com


  1. Is it bad I have no idea what my blood type is....???

  2. Hmm...interesting idea. I don't know what my blood type is--I'll have to find out!

  3. Hmm that's a unique and different idea. I have no idea what my blood type is to know which one to try lol.


  4. This is a really cool idea! I'm O+, and I don't think I like what they are describing, but I never really know until I smell it!

  5. Wow, such a wild concept! I have no clue as to what blood type I am; I'm such a bad person! My go-to perfume for the Fall is the new Fendi perfume, Fan di Fendi. It's a great scent, kind of heavy though- but it's a good weight for Fall. You should try it out!