Monday, November 21, 2011

Needlepoint Love

   For my birthday my good friend Steel Magnolia had a custom monogram needlepoint key chain canvas made for me.  She has been working long and hard on the needlepoint key chain, and it turned out amazing!!  I am so impressed with her talents.

I love all the details and colors and especially love the argyle and monogram, I couldn't wait to see the final product.

A few weeks ago we took the canvas the local needlepoint shop to be finished and after much anticipation I finally got the key chain back.

It looks fabulous!  They were able to finish it off with ribbon, and I have already received so many compliments on it.  It makes me want to take up needle point ( Do I really need another hobby?!?)

A special thanks to Steel Magnolia for taking the time to make me such a special gift!!  I am obsessed!  I think you may give Smathers and Branson a run for their money ;)


  1. Omg, this is awesome! Smathers & Branson has nothin' on this! What a perfect gift! You really should take up needlepoint, it's on of my favorite hobbies- you can take it anywhere, even on a plane! Have a great Monday!

  2. That key chain is adorable! What a cute and thoughtful birthday gift!

  3. I love Rittenhouse Needlepoint, I always find the cutest stuff in there and the staff is amazing. Love the key chain!

  4. wow it's so cute! I'm always so impressed by people who can finish a needlepoint point project!!

  5. OMG I love it!!!! She can totally make this into a career! I would give anything to be able to needlepoint! Adorable!

  6. Glad you love it! Can't wait to see it in person. I just blogged about the process - check it out!