Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Sparkle Shoes


    Over the past few months, I have seen many DIY tutorials for glitterized Converse sneakers.  I had been meaning to make a pair, but was not sure how often I would wear them.  St. Patrick's Day celebrations are big in Pittsburgh, and we had some friends in town so I figured that would be the perfect event for making and wearing glitter sneakers. 


1. 4 oz of glitter per pair of glue

2. Sneakers

3.  Tacky Glue spray adhesive

4. Tape

              We chose green glitter for St. Patrick's Day, and started by taping all the white rubber parts of the shoes, so that we would not get any glitter or glue on them.

Spray one portion of the sneaker with the glue adhesive and cover in glitter.  Make sure you pour the glitter over a box or bag because it does get messy.

Spray and "glitterize" each section of the shoe until all sections are fully covered.

Let the glitter  and glue sit overnight!

FYI: Some of the glitter in typical glitter fashion, kept falling off the shoes, so they are best worn outside.


  1. I love how these turned out!

    And you are wearing the ON sailboat top. CUTE!

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