Monday, March 26, 2012

South Side Soup Contest

 Life has been so busy lately, so I apologize for the lack of posting, it is just so hard to stay inside with this gorgeous weather. 

   Anyways, The other weekend, some friends and I volunteered at the South Side Soup Contest.  I had volunteered last year, and it is a great event that benefits the Brashear Association.  The event takes place in the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and local South Side restaurants compete to make the "best" soup.  I think one of the best parts about the event is the fact that the restaurants team up with local retailers, which allows soup tasters to shop while they are at the various soup stops.

The event works almost like a crawl, where you walk from station to station trying the 24 different soups.

After we finished our volunteer shift, we were able to participate in the Soup Contest, and try all of the soups

LES checking out the Soup Stop Route

ALV and KB volunteering at their winning soup station giving out Pineapple Tomatillo Habanero Soup.

We all had a wonderful time volunteering and participating, and got to try some amazing soups.  My favorites were the bacon bisque and grilled cheese soup!!


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