Monday, May 7, 2012

Color Me Mine with the Junior League

 A few weeks ago we held a Junior League event at the local Color Me Mine pottery painting shop.

Color Me Mine is a neat place that allows you to pick out pieces of pottery and paint them.  They had a huge selection of pottery choices, salt and pepper shakers, platters, bowls, plates, etc.

   It is a perfect place to go with a group, they allow you to bring in food and drink and they have private party rooms, which makes it perfect for socializing.

I chose a square platter to paint.

I attempted to do a pink and navy chevron pattern.

I loved the idea of adding a monogram to the bottom of the platter.

ALV's fruit bowl.

Final Product.

We had such a great time, I definitly wnt to go back again.
Have you ever painted pottery?


  1. Oh my goodness way to much fun! I really should join junior league. xo

  2. I love color me mine! Looks like such a fun evening!