Thursday, May 3, 2012

It is Totes Spring Time!

   I don't know about you, but during the spring and summer months my daily purse is usually some form of a tote bag. I love the bright colors and the extra space to throw in bathing suits, suntan lotion, etc. I tend to use my Long Champ and Herve Chapelier much more in the summer then I do in the winter.  I think part of the reason is I am outside a lot more and always throwing my purse on the ground or in the grass at BBQ's or outdoor concerts and it is nice to have a bag that is easy to clean off or wash.

This year I am in the market for a new tote, and there are so many great options I can't decide.
C. Wonder

Orla Kiley


Vineyard Vines

What is your favorite tote?


  1. Around school I use my long champ and VV tote...both great for tossing around. Have you seen Iomi's beautiful totes? To die for!

  2. My daily bag is usually a tote too! I cannot exactly fit all the "stuff" that goes along with the 2-year-old I nanny in a purse. I tend to use my Longchamp, but these are sooo fun and I'm getting a little tired of it! I do love using my Lilly tote too!

  3. Can't wait for you to get a new tote to throw into the grass at concerts :)