Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life At The Beach

   After a relaxing and super fun week at Long Beach Island with family and friends I am back to reality.  It is definitely tough getting back into the work groove after enjoying a week with my toes in the sand.

      Here is some of the fun:

    I don't think anything beats being at the beach on the 4th of July ( especially with Sparklers)

Our family portrait....4th of July edition

'Merica Sunglasses were also out in full force


Sister JLP and I

We had a blast on the boat, and the ocean breeze made the 100 degree temperatures much more tolerable.

LES and ALV catching some rays with Old Barney in the background.

No LBI trip would be complete without a good photo shoot.

ALV, LES, and I

Mom JLP and I

Our Lobster Feast was a perfect way to end the week. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great week!


  1. Great pictures, pretty girls, and suntans!! Love! Glad you had a great vacation.