Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

   It is Wednesday, and we made it halfway through January!! Can you tell I'm counting down until Springtime or at least the return of warm weather.  Unless I am snowboarding, or the occasional big blizzard where you get snowed in, I really do not enjoy the cold. 
 I am linking up this week for What I am Loving Wednesday, and these are my current LOVES this week:
1. I am loving that GIRLS is back on HBO, the humor is so dry, awkward, and funny.  It is one of those shows I cannot really explain, but if you don't watch it should.

2.  I am loving that hockey is back...FINALLY.  I cannot wait until the Pens first game on Saturday.

3. I am loving all the fun cooking experiments and new recipes DFH and I tried recently, one positive of the winter is more time spent inside cooking.

 Many cooking posts to follow!

4. I am loving all the organization I was able to get accomplished over the past weekend, it is amazing how much more productive you feel when everything is organized and in place.  I was starting to feel like a hoarder for a few minutes with all my piles of items that needed to be organized.

Hello. Organized Wedding Planner.

What are you currently loving?

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  1. Saying hi from WILW. Love your folder! Staying organized keeps me from getting overwhelmed:)