Thursday, May 23, 2013

Seven. Years.

DFH and I recently celebrated our seven year dating anniversary!  It is crazy to me that it has been that long, we were only 22 when we started dating.  At the same time I can't remember a time when he wasn't in my life.  ( We've been friends since high school)

   This anniversary was bitter sweet as it was the last year we would likely celebrate our "dating" anniversary, however it is also exciting that next year we will celebrate our new anniversary and a new beginning in our life as a married couple. 

 It is kinda a bummer that we have to start our anniversary count back at 0 again haha. 

As I have mentioned countless times, DFH loves his craft beer and loves trying new beers.  For our anniversary I made him a homemade card, and some specialty beer ( thanks to some help from DFH's best man).  One of the beers, 21st Amendment Maroon on Hog Island,  was made with oyster shells and was actually pretty tasty. 
DFH surprised me with some beautiful flowers and  spoiled me with some lululemon goodies.
On our Anniversary we headed out for a night on the town, and had dinner at Spoon at local restaurant in the East End near Shadyside that we have wanted to try for ages.  If you are local, I highly recommend it.
We ended our night after dinner at a new local bar called, Tender Bar in Lawrenceville, which features 1920's style drinks. 
Cheers to seven years of dating!


  1. Happy anniversary! And who says you can't keep track of your dating anniversary? My parents' wedding anniversary is in February, but they always celebrated St. Patrick's Day too because that was the day they met.

  2. Happy anniversary! Love that last photo of the two of you :)