Monday, February 10, 2014

The Week in Review

     This past week was nuts!! I think I had meetings everyday after work for various things which didn't leave me much time to sit down and blog, but I wanted to share some of what I have been up to this week.

On Monday my friend ALV invited LES, ATK, and I to a Pens game which is always a great time. In my opinion going to a hockey game with all girls is always the perfect combination of sports and gossip. 

This past weekend we had our friends BHB and JLM in town from NJ.  It was BHB's 30th birthday so we were excited to celebrate with them. 

BHB loves to try unique foods so we took them to Cure in Lawrenceville for his birthday dinner.  Cure's menu was incredible and offered a ton of cured and unique cuts of meat.

For an appetizer we tried the Salumi plate which contained pigs head, duck speck, venison salami and a variety of other cured meats. I felt like I was on Bizarre Foods with the crazy things we tried.   For dinner DFH and I split the venison and lobster gnocchi and the Cassoulet which was a stew that contained venison sausage, pigs cheek, pork belly, and duck confit. 

 For drinks JLM and I tried the blood orange black currant champagne  which was delicious! I could have drank 10 of them. 

We ended the night at Industry to continue BHB's birthday celebration after dinner.  


This may or may not have been the play list for our late night dance party. 

The rest of the weekend was spent eating drinking and shopping and showing off our city.  I love having friends in town and showing them the great city of Pittsburgh even in the cold. 


  1. The champagne looks delish and I love your sparkly black outfit with the green necklace! That's right up my alley :-)

  2. I am all about late night dance parties! All of your dining out this past weekend looks amazing!

    Meet @ the Barre

  3. I got real confused for a minute when you started saying BHB came into town!!! :) Looks like a really fun weekend and mmmmm to that salumi platter!

  4. I love the green necklace and black sequined top! You're brave to wear that in the winter, I lived in Piitsburg for two years and although it was fun, it was just WAY to cold for me!

  5. Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend - and i'm a huge fan of cheese and meat plates!! Love the pop your necklace gave to the outfit! Happy Monday!

  6. My husband would love Cure - he is all about the meat! Beautiful outfit Saturday night!!

  7. looks like a wonderful weekend - that salumi plate and the champagne cocktails are just the icing on the cake :) and john mellencamp? perfect background music for just about anything :)