Tuesday, March 18, 2014

...And Today I am 30!

    Today I turn 30, or as DFH would say 29 4/4.  I think I like that better.  

I am so sad to leave my wild and crazy twenties behind, but if my thirties are anything like my twenties I think they are going to be fabulous and full of new adventures with wonderful people.

I was born on Fat Tuesday so I was pretty much destined to enjoy a good party. 

I have already had some amazing 30th birthday celebrations in the past few weeks ( which I need to catch you up on).  But today I am headed to Charleston, SC for a girls weekend to celebrate with some of my favorite people.  I cannot think of a better way to celebrate.

 So here is to 100 more super fun amazing years. 

...and hopefully no more mullets.


  1. Happy 30th Birthday!!! Those pics are so cute. Hope you have a wonderful year and a blast in SC.

  2. Happy Birthday! Love all of these pictures! Thanks for being the fabulous person you are. Cheers to the next 100+!

  3. Happiest of happy birthdays to you miss! (Or should I say missus)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Mine is today actually! :) Have so much fun in Charleston!!!

  5. Happy birthday!!! Hope it was fabulous!

  6. Awwww, you're so cute! Love you! Happy birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday...hope you had a blast in Charleston!

    Love these pics.especially the tutu one!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it's the best day ever!