Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Scavenger Hunt Bar Crawl

  This year most of our friends are turning the big dirty-thirty, and with that comes a lot of parties!  I wanted to do something special for DFH's 30th, but also something unique.  I had seen someone do a scavenger hunt bar crawl on a blog forever ago, and I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate my favorite craft beer lover's birthday.  We decided to do the bar crawl in our neighborhood of Shadyside because it has a good variety of bars and restaurants in a close vicinity and they do not get super crowded, so it wouldn't be a problem traveling with a large group.   Also, DFH and I are moving from our beloved Shadyside so we thought it would be a great last hurrah in our neighborhood.  ( More on that later). 
   I created a map with the streets, the name of the bars and listed the times we would be at each bar which was given to all of our guests so that no one got lost. 

I also created the scavenger hunt with a list of items each person/ team needed to find on the bar crawl.  I know this photo is blurry, but some of the items included, take a picture with the birthday boy, take a team selfie, find a cocktail umbrella, get a napkin with the bar name on it, find a coin made in the year 1984, etc.   

We told guests that they could group off into teams or do the scavenger hunt as an individual.  Each team/person was given a large Ziploc bag to keep all of their scavenger finds, a pen, the map, and the scavenger hunt list. 

And of course no scavenger hunt would be complete without a prize. 

We had all of our guests meet at the first bar, and handed them their bag of goodies and t-shirt.  DFH and I created t-shirts so that we could easily keep track of everyone on the crawl. 

I wish I had a real camera, all the pictures look a bit blurry, but the shirt says: Doug's Very Shady Bar Crawl ( Shady is for the neighborhood of Shadyside)
DFH picked out the unicorn logo.
We all had a blast, and it was so great to have all of DFH's  friends together for his birthday. 

Getting my picture with the Birthday boy to check off the scavenger hunt list.

With LES, and MS.  This is right before I unknowingly rubbed shoulders with Sidney Crosby the Pittsburgh Penguin, who we ran into at one of the bars. 
Our team selfie.

The whole crew!

As time went on through the night and everyone consumed more alcohol the scavenger hunt search took a back seat hahah, which was completely expected.  But these two collected majority of the scavenger hunt items, and won the grand prize.


It was such a blast, and easy to plan.  I would definitely do another scavenger hunt bar crawl in the future!

Today is DFH's actual 30th birthday we will be celebrating tonight grilling steak, asparagus, and clams.  YUM! 
Happy Birthday DFH!


  1. This looks like so much fun. I love scavenger hunts!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog girly! This looks like such a fun time, I'm a big fan of all things game related so this is right up my alley!

  3. Loving all of these photos!! And call my crazy, but I absolutely love a good scavenger hunt!! :) :)