Friday, September 26, 2014

Currently Loving

   We've made it once again to Friday and I could not be more happy.  I thought I would end the work week with a post about a few things I am loving.   Get ready they are random, but awesome. 

1.  I am loving my Bourbon and Bowties bangles. 

Each bracelet is so unique and they are such a perfect accessory to jazz up a plain outfit.  They do not currently sells these at any stores in Pittsburgh, so I may be on the hunt for a few more while I am down south this weekend. 
These are for sure my new go-to afternoon work snack.  I am a carboholic and I try to eat low carb during the week however sometimes a girl just needs an afternoon carb pick me up.  I am huge pretzel lover and these are BY FAR the best pretzel sticks I have ever had.   I am not even gluten free, but they have so much flavor and extra crunch.  Thanks for the tip LES!   You need to try them.
I saw the band play in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night and they were incredible.  I had seen them a few times before and enjoyed their music, but this time the band played a lot of their new music from their new album and I am really loving it.  They are so talented and fun to watch.    Greensky Bluegrass hails  from Michigan and they are a bluegrass band, but their music also has a great rock and roll acoustic sound to it.    Also the lead singers voice is unbelievable.   If I was tech savvy enough I would have added a music clip, but you can check them out on iTunes. 
4.I am loving my Baublebar Pearl 360 Studs

These earrings are fabulous.  I have them in blush and I am loving the color.  I wear pearls nearly everyday to work, and these make my outfit a little less conservative and more fun which I desperately need considering I have to wear suits nearly everyday.    They are currently on sale, but I would check them out now they sell out fast. 
5.  I am loving that I am spending the weekend in North Carolina

   This weekend one of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married in North Carolina.  We grew up doing everything together from water ballet, to swim team, to softball and we have countless memories and inside jokes.  We both ended up in college in NC and joined the same sorority and just have too many crazy life parallels.    I am so excited to celebrate her big day this weekend.

      DFH is unavailable to attend, but the bride was sweet enough to offer for me to invite one of my college BFF's Falon to the wedding that she also knows who lives in NC.   I am flying into Charlotte and spending the night  in the CLT before heading up to the wedding on Saturday.  Falon and I are planning to stop at Elon for lunch on the way to the wedding to check out our old college campus and pick up some new swag in the campus shop.  

Enjoy your weekend.