Monday, September 15, 2014

Thirtieth Celebrations

     This year basically everyone I know turned thirty and with that came 10,000 thirtieth birthday parties.  It seemed like every week we were attending a 30th surprise party, dinner, or gathering.  
I honestly think I attended more 30th birthday parties then sweet sixteen parties.

    As much as it got semi- exhausting attending another 30th birthday what seemed like every weekend it was so so wonderful getting together as friends.  It seems like each year as we get older we go out and see friends less and less and all these gatherings were such great excuses to get together.  I never would have thought that one day I would be craving staying in and going to bed early on a Friday night.  I would honestly re-do this year and all the 30th celebrations over and over again. 

   Anyways, last week my friend ALV and I threw a tailgate party for my dear friend LES for her 30th birthday.  She is one of the last of our friends to turn thirty and with it being the last weekend of summer we wanted to plan something outside, low key, but of course fun. 

    We set up a tailgate outside of the Pittsbugh Pirate's stadium, PNC Park and had drinks, food, music, decorations, and cornhole set up.
    We had so much fun tailgating and celebrating LES that I failed to take any pictures except for the cupcake cake with the many faces of LES that got accidentally run over.  (Notice the icing mess)
   At the end of the tailgate before we went to the game LES released her balloons to symbolize saying goodbye to her twenties and welcoming her thirties.


  We didn't actually watch much of the game, which is pretty typical when we all get together, but we took in the view and took several tourist pictures. 

We took a couple selfies

Hello, Pittsburgh.

   After the Pirates game and the free Gavin DeGraw concert at the stadium after the game, ( I know, random ) we met up with the boys at a local bar and everyone decided to wear their sunglasses? Not really sure why, but the sign of a super awesome night.

It honestly makes me sad that the thirtieth birthday celebrations are just about over.  

What is even sadder/ scary is that the next big birthday celebration year would likely be when we turn 40..... yikes !!!!

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  1. I love this blog post - and I LOVED the tailgreat, the balloons, the cake, and most of all, YOU! Thanks for throwing such a great 30th bash! XOXOXO LES