Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Target: My Favorite Things

  I am almost always obsessed with something at Target and like most  I usually come out with 1-5 unnecessary, but amazing purchases when I  shop there.  ( Does this mean I am basic???)  Anyways,  in the recent weeks I have come across some pretty amazing, yet reasonably priced clothing items that I wanted to share.  I always sometimes feel guilty buying myself gifts around the holidays, but with these prices there is no shame. 


   Once I saw this skirt online I knew I had to have it, especially at a price of only $22.99.  It is the perfect holiday skirt that would look great with a bright colored holiday sweater or blouse.  The negative: I waited a day before I went to purchase it and it was completely sold out.  Don't worry I am stalking the website daily waiting for it to come back in stock. 

Have you seen the Toms for Target line?
This poncho looks like the perfect winter accessory especially if we are going to have another Polar Vortex and at $28.00 I cannot pass this up.
Could there be a better sweater for my upcoming ugly sweater party?  I think not.

I am totally digging the tribal trend right now.  I love this vest, perfect to layer over a sweater or a tee during the warmer months. 
Sorry about this picture quality on this one, but check out this jeweled shift on the website.  Perfect for work or a night out. 

This Peplum blazer would make another great work staple.
 Best part is all of these items are under $50.00. 


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