Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week in Review Through My iPhone

     I had a lot going on this past week, but all good things. I got a chance to see a lot of my friends I hadn't seen in awhile due to our busy schedules.  

   Wednesday after work I attended my friend Laura's birthday party at Altius on Mt Washington.  It was the first time I was there and boy was the food good. I got the Baby Kale Salad and  Duck Duck Goose for an entrée and would certainly get those again.  The view of the city was absolutely amazing.  I have been to a lot of the Mt. Washington restaurants and this view may be the best.  Anyways we forgot to take any pictures, but if you are local to Pittsburgh give this restaurant a try. 

     Wednesday I met up with my friends LES and GS for dinner and a concert.  The band was playing at the Pittsburgh Winery which I have never been to before which is quite shocking considering my love for wine.  From the outside you would never know the winery was there, but on the inside it is the coziest cutest space covered in hanging lights and wine barrel tables and the wine was pretty delicious. 

     The band that was playing was The Mulligan Brothers. I hadn't heard of them before, but I fell in love. Their style is Americana/bluegrass/ folk music and they just make you want to dance.  You have to check them out.

      Thursday also happened to be October 30th or Mischief Night. On my way home from the concert I drove into my neighborhood and came across a toilet paper explosion covering the trees and road. This is the first Halloween in our neighborhood so this certainly was not expected. 
Luckily our house and road were clear, because I certainly wouldn't want to clean up that mess, but it did look pretty cool.  I love Halloween traditions. 

Friday was Halloween and I couldn't wait to have trick or treaters.  I have lived in the city since right after college so I had never given out candy before and I was so excited to see all the kids in their costumes. 

The night ended up being cold and rainy so we didn't get too many trick or treaters, but I still loved seeing all of the costumes and DFH and I enjoyed a relaxing evening and made a Halloween pizza. 

             Ofcourse we had to dress up Oliver, unfortunately he did not love being a lion, but we loved it. 

    Saturday was another cold and rainy day, but we got a lot accomplished inside the house.  DFH repaired a few walls and put up door trim and baseboards in our hallway and I finally finished taking off this ancient wallpaper. 

      After doing work all day we headed downtown to meet friends to watch the WVU and Pens games. Libby and I all bundled up, I'm not ready for the winter. 

    We had a lazy Sunday morning and got up and made a breakfast feast of bacon and hollandaise hash with poached eggs, I'm not going to lie it was restaurant worthy.  Recipe to follow.

Hope you had a great week too!


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  1. You had a busy but fun week!!!! I love your creative pizza!