Monday, February 16, 2015

Five Things

   Seriously -2 degrees. Today is no joke outside.  I take public transportation to work and my train was 45 minutes late, due to ice on the track.    I thought my feet were going to fall off they were so cold while I waited outside for the train.  I am still defrosting.    I am super jealous of everyone who is off of work today. 

  Anyways, here are five random thoughts/things. 

1.Monogram Mail

     It's a good mail day when you receive two monogrammed bags in the mail. DFH had given me the monogrammed Sunshine Satchel for Christmas and it was back ordered and finally arrived.  It is the perfect size for weekend visits. I cannot wait to use it.   I purchased the GiGi NY Teddie Tote during their big winter sale. I was worried the green would be too bright for work but it is a great contrast against black or brown suits. I am obsessed.  It is a great size and amazing quality.  I will most certainly be ordering more from them.  I think my next purchase will be their gold Uber Clutch.

2.The Commoner
If you are local to Pittsburgh you need to try The Commoner in the new Hotel Monaco. Some friends and I went for their grand opening, the restaurant is upscale pub themed and has such a great atmosphere.   How cute is their mismatched China.  Everything we tried from the  hand cut fries to the scotch deviled eggs, to the brown butter brussels sprouts were super tasty. 

               This is us at The Commoner.  This is not a great picture, my body im looks super weird but I love the photobomber.  

3. Cat snuggles 
This is DFH and Oliver every night.  It is too cute.  DFH is his favorite cuddle spot.

    Ok, so I know I am way behind on this, but I finally started watching Parenthood on Netflix and it is amazing.  Tonight DFH has class until 10pm so I am thinking it will be a perfect night for binge watching Parenthood, I cannot get enough.

5. Valentine's Day Weekend

We enjoyed a weekend with not too many plans and got a lot done around the house.  Our Valentine's Day consisted of shoveling the driveway x 2, running errands, cleaning the house, and painting the ceiling in the guest room.  At the end of the day we were too tired to cook our planned Valentine's Day dinner so instead we made a cheese platter, drank some champagne, and played too many games of Yahtzee.  hahaha. 

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  1. I have an almost identical monogrammed travel bag that I got from the Tiny Tulip, I'm hoping to use it next time I go on vaca. Also the color of that Gigi is gorg. I've heard great things about Parenthood, I'll put it on my list of Netflix binges.