Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday

      It's FRIDAY!!! Is it just me or was this one of those weeks that was exhausting?  I was super busy at work and then I would come home with plans of organizing, laundry, cleaning, etc. but instead the couch won... EVERY night.  Oh, well.  

      This weekend my sister-in-law is in town from NJ.  I am pumped to bring her to some of our favorite restaurants.  It is always so much harder having guests visit in the winter because there is so much less to do and every plan always seems to resolve around eating and drinking ( which isn't a bad thing).  Luckily the weather this weekend should be pretty mild so we plan on walking / eating our way through some of our favorite neighborhoods and we will be hitting up the Andy Warhol museum. 

 Here are my five randoms:

1. Mississippi Roast:


Did you read the New York Times article about Mississippi Roast, one of the most pinned recipes on Pinterest?  Apparently it started as a recipe a woman from Mississippi added to her local church cookbook. Other local church members starting making it for their families and eventually a blogger posted the recipe after trying it at her aunt's home calling it, "the best roast ever."  Slowly the recipe spread from blog to blog and now it has been pinned over 1 million times. 
     The recipe includes a dry packet of ranch dressing, peppercinis, and a stick of butter ( yikes- I might be modifying that), but I sure am curious about "the best roast ever."  I picked up the ingredients at the grocery store and will report back. 

2.Charleston Rice Beads by  Candy Shop Vintage.


   I fell in love with Charleston Rice Beads about a year ago ever since I saw them on Sweet Southern Prep's blog.   Charleston is one of my favorite cities so I love that the rice beads pay homage to the cities history.    I also think it is just the bees knees that you can wear the necklace so many ways and can even wear them as stackable bracelets.  I had been putting off buying the rice beads, but when Candy Shop Vintage had their winter sale in January, I knew I had to jump and buy them.  I know these beauties will be making a steady rotation in my costume jewelry collection.    Go check out Candy Shop Vintage Online.  All of their jewelry is ridiculously cute. 

3. Kitchen Reno:  

   If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that DFH and I bought a fixer upper in the spring of 2014.  You probably also have heard me talk about our outdated kitchen covered in heinous fruit wallpaper and matching plaid border.  For the longest time we couldn't decide what to do with the kitchen.  We knew we wanted to update it, but we also knew we weren't planning on staying in our house forever.  We were constantly going back and forth debating whether to just do cosmetic updates or gut the entire kitchen.  Do we take down walls?  Do we attempt to add an island in our narrow kitchen?  We just couldn't make a decision and so it sat and sat without any change.  Well now a baby is coming in five months and with that comes less money and less time so we have decided it is now or never and have started our reno.  We just got the digital blue print and I am so excited.   Hoping to keep you all updated throughout the process. 

4.  Real House Wives of Potomac:  

  It is no secret the Real Housewives are a guilty pleasure of mine, but so far I am not impressed by this cast and I am bored watching the show, even the fights are boring.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I am going to give it one more chance and then I am back to focusing on fave ladies of the OC and Beverly Hills. 

5.  Valentine's Day:  Can you guys believe Valentine's Day is already next weekend?  DFH and I are leaning on staying home and making ourselves a delicious meal. Any recommendations on recipes you have made lately?  Let me know!