Monday, July 11, 2011

To Bermuda or Not to Bermuda

   Sorry I have been MIA, after moving I was without Internet for a bit and I have been busy working and beaching and trying to enjoy the summer, I will try not to take such a long blogging hiatus again!! I have so much posting to catch up on xoxo

  So the other day  ALV and I were discussing Bermuda shorts.  I told her that I thought I was done with wearing Bermuda shorts,  because I couldn't recall the last time I saw anyone else wear them.  ALV and I both agreed that we still loved our "fancy" J.Crew Bermudas ( You know the ones with the pleat down the middle, that look super cute with heels).  And we both love the comfort and ease of throwing on a pair of Bermudas and a polo with rainbows to go out and about to do errands. 

Bermudas are great for tall people like ALV and myself because you don't have to worry about the length, and I have so many amazing pairs in Madras print, Hot pink, palm tress etc., But are they in fashion anymore???  Like I said, I really couldn't remember the last time I saw anyone else wear Bermudas, beside myself and ALV ( not a good sign).  

   I would consider myself a fairly fashionable person, not so much trendy, but fashionable I mean I am probably not as cool as I used to be and def. don't read nor have time to read many fashion mags, but I wouldn't say I'm out of touch with fashion ...or am I???

When was the last time you wore Bermudas or when was the last time you saw anyone wear Bermudas?  

Are they still in fashion?  Or can they get away with being a "preppy" staple??

I just "google image" searched Bermuda Shorts and it came up with mostly men's shorts....( again, not a good sign??!)


  1. I love Bermuda shorts! that's all I wear!

    I think they are DEFINITELY in fashion - because knowing what flatters your body is ALWAYS in fashion, and I wish more girls would realize that booty shorts DO NOT FLATTER THEM.

  2. I think Bermuda shorts look great on some people... I personally have never worn them, but that doesn't mean that they're not "in style." I'm definitely not a fan of booty shorts but I do like my shorts a little shorter :)