Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing ?!?

As I stated in my post HERE, I am attempting to try out couponing, not just using my advantage card, but actually cutting coupons.  As for the the cutting of the coupons I have been successful, every Sunday I get my Sunday newspaper and sit down and cut coupons, and have actually found there have been a lot of coupons I could actually use for things like, salsa, cleaners, other snack food, deodorant, etc.  Last week I even went to the grocery store and bought dishwasher soap, and it was already on sale for $1.00 off  $4.29, and then I used my manufacturer's coupon to get an additional $1.00 off.  Woo I saved 2.00 on one item!! haha (Hey, it is a start right!?)    I thought, I can do this I will get more and more coupons and will save A TON!

  But then I went to the grocery store again and I was sooo excited to go through my coupons and save BIG BIG money!!! I get to the store, AND I forgot my coupon box at home...FAIL #1.

  Then this weekend I get in my car to go Target and Michaels to get some craft items for a few DIY projects this summer.  I get to the shopping center....AND I forgot my coupons at home AGAIN...FAIL # 2

Soo thats how couponing is going so far.  I'll keep you posted for next weeks coupon adventure.


  1. I would always forget my coupons when I would go shopping. I was at target the other day with my mom and she handed me a wad of coupons and goes here look and see if we have any good ones! I need to be more like that!

  2. Stores are finally catching on and sending coupons to smartphones! I'd venture a guess that in about a year's time, we'll never forget our coupons again :)

  3. Hard to remember the coupons when you go out! I hate bringing all of them but I hate to miss a sale! Sounds like you are doing pretty well so far! Target.com has some great coupons right now and you can pair them with the manufacturer ones!