Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY Rosette Necklace

       Last week my craft group met up to make rosette necklaces.  They came out so fabulous I have already received a ton of compliments.  This was a great project because it didn't take a ton of time to make and there are only a few materials needed, so it is a low cost project. 

The final necklace!

Materials Needed:

1.  1 piece of felt

        2. 1-2 yards of fabric

3.  Chain

4. Necklace clasp

5. Glue Gun

 First  cut out five felt circles ( approx. 1 inch across). 
These are the rosette bases.

Next, Cut out several 1 inch circles from your fabric ( this will make up the petals)

To make the petals, fold the fabric circles in half then in half again, glue gun the point of the folded circle on the felt.

Continue to glue the fabric circles to each rosette felt piece until each one looks like a rosette. 
 ( You can trim the petals if they aren't even in height)

Once you have five rosettes, line the five rosettes on the felt in the position you want the necklace

Glue the rosettes on the felt and cut around the rosettes

( This becomes the bib of the necklace)

Finally glue the chain to the back of either side of the bib ( sorry i don't have a picture of this step)


  1. It turned out so cute!! Only a few more days to enter my giveaway to win lots of goodies - go check it out :)

  2. A-DOR-able!! Will you help me make one?! Love!

  3. Your necklace turned out so cute! I want to try and make one... now if i could just find the time!

  4. Whoa!!! That looks sooo pretty and professional! This would be such a fun craft to make over winter break! :) Thanks for sharing!