Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Restaurant Impossible: Behind the Scenes

Do you watch Restaurant Impossible with Chef Irvine?

I cannot get enough of the show.  I love that he makes over the restaurant and the owners.  Who doesn't love a good Before and After??

Anyways, the other day my friend LES informed me that Chef Irvine and Restaurant Impossible were filming in Pittsburgh and I knew I had to to get a closer look. 

It happened to be the restaurants re-opening.  I couldn't get reservations, but was informed that I could come down and try and get a seat at the bar...and that is what we did.

They were filming at Del's Bar and Ristorante in the Little Italy of Pittsburgh. An Italian family owned restaurant.

There he is.  ( such a stalker)

This pic. won't cooperate.

We got to see the owners getting a look at their renovated restaurant for the first time.

When we got there they were still working on the renovations.
Chef Irvine would pop his head out and make silly faces.  Seemed like such a great guy.

And now you're probably waiting for me to say that we got into the restaurant and had the food and it was fabulous.  Unfortunately our story ends there.  We waited in the cold for two hours and they still were finishing final renovations, and were not letting people in, so we left, after all it was a school night. 

But It was still worth it to see the show in the works and I look forward to my cameo when the show airs in February.


  1. I haven't seen the show but sounds like a great concept, and it's reality which I love! I love that you went to stalk-definetly something I would do!

  2. Oh my word how neat is that! I never hear about fun things like this happening lol! xo

  3. It's too bad you couldn't get in but it's still a cool story! Cute blog :-)