Thursday, December 1, 2011



“I am Eloise.

 I am six.

I am a city child.

 I live at The Plaza.”

I have been a huge Eloise fan since I was six years old and my Grammy gave me a copy of the Eloise book.  I remember reading it a million times.

She is so Sassy.

I had heard Betsy Johnson had designed an Eloise Tree at the Plaza so when I was in NYC with the family I knew I had to stop in.

Unfortunately the tree hadn't been unveiled yet, but I at least got to check out the adorable shop and tea area ( How I wish they had this when I was younger!)

I love this picture of Eloise

The store was super cute and full of lots of pink Eloise goodies, there was even a tea room for kids

Since being in NYC the tree was officially revealed!!!

The Wall Street Journal stated the following about the event:

"When the 69-year-old grandmother showed up at the hotel Monday evening for the tree lighting, wearing black high tops and a set of reindeer horns held on her head by a pair of red lace panties, it was immediately clear that she was the perfect choice."
Betsey Johnson is Eloise incarnate.

"Johnson and the fictional six-year-old resident (immortalized in the 1955 storybook, “Eloise”) share more than just a mop of raggedy, blonde hair. They both embody a precocious, do-as-you-please attitude, disregarding the rules and the stiffs who make them. “I totally relate to her,” Johnson said."

Pinkilicious...I'm in Love.


  1. I loved those books! I would love to see the tree!

  2. Love Eloise! My friend even dressed as her this Halloween!

  3. that is so cute! i have no idea any of that was in the hotel. and that pink tree is hot!

  4. Have you seen the movie with Julie Andrews??
    Eloise is so cool, my kids love her too! How cute is this store :)
    Btw, you are gorgeous!!

  5. I love ELOISE as well! Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite designers and I have always wished to visit the plaza so I could see the ELOISE room by Betsey and I have always wanted to see the Christmas designs. Maybe one year... now that I live in Pittsburgh I am closer to NYC so maybe someday! xo