Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Blues

   I hate how each year after all the hype, and the hustle of getting ready for the holidays for months, they are over.  The music stops, the decorations are down, and you start seeing Valentines Day decorations in all of the stores...ughhh. 

      DFH and I have decided were not quite ready to take down our Christmas Tree, there's something so nice about looking at Christmas decorations and lights, that we are going to ride the holidays for another week and enjoy our holiday decs.

  As much as I now feel a little of the holiday blues now that holidays are over and it is cold and gloomy in Pittsburgh,  I had a wonderful Christmas in New Jersey with family and friends and a great New Years Eve. 

I enjoyed having a wonderful Mother-Daughter Luncheon with my Mom's "Napa Girl" friends

Loved celebrating Christmas and all of our traditions at home.

Had a blast celebrating New Years Eve with DFH and our out of town visitors.

Also loved celebrating with my Pittsburgh favorites.

Do you have the holiday blues now that it is all over?


  1. Happy 2012! I hate when the holidays are over...boo! xx

  2. Happy 2012! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday season! I am a bit sad the holidays are over as well!

  3. Happy new year! I'm a big proponent of taking down Christmas decorations in stages--some Christmas decor is really winter decor so I like to keep it up until the end of January.

  4. I know I hate the feeling of the holidays ending!