Monday, January 30, 2012

A little NYC shopping

        This past weekend I headed to NYC for a mini family reunion.  It was a rocky start getting to the airport in Pittsburgh, the roads were completely covered in ice and my car was all over the road, but I made it, and after a rough morning, a little Soho retail therapy was necessary. 

   I love shopping in Soho, because there are always so many cute boutiques and shops that I cannot find in Pittsburgh. 

First up: UNI QLO

Uni Qlo is a Japanese based company, and currently their only American stores are in NYC.  I had never been in a Uni Qlo before, but my dad had heard a lot about it as an "up and coming" company so we checked it out. 

I was really impressed with the store, I would compare it to an H & M, but a lot more classic then trendy.   The prices were super affordable and they had great staple pieces in a variety of colors including jeans, button downs, etc.

Next up:  C Wonder

C Wonder is owned by J. Christopher Burch ( Tory Burch's ex hubs), I had checked out their website before, but had never been into their store, and I was super impressed.  The clothes are amazing and  preppy, similar to Tory Burch, but much more affordable.  I also loved their home goods. 

Monogram shop...yes please.

Other fun Soho faves:

 Crate and Barrel's CB 2 always has great home goods

A Chinese market with amazing goodies inside.

What are your favorite NYC shops?


  1. Shopping in NYC!!! I'm so envious right now! Looks like fun :-)

  2. Soho is one of my favorite places to shop in NYC! Love the monogram! Sounds like you had fun!

  3. One if My favorite places to shop in Nyc is south street market... there are some fun shops there. In midtown it is always fun to visit places like bloomingdales and tiffanys...but I never buy anything. The Bryant park vendors are usually fun.
    We didn't make our winder nyc trip this year because I was affraid of the occopy people, but April is my oldest daughters 21 birthday ....what does she want to do...... visit nyc and see Wicked.
    Have a great day.

  4. I've heard a lot of great things about C.Wonder lately- looks adorable!