Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Things.

The fabulous Blair's Head Band tagged me in Five Things, I have seen this circulate around the blog world, and love to learn fun facts about people, so I figured I would share five things as well.

Five Things:

1. I cannot lift my pinky straight up, it only lifts up about half way.  My dad can't lift his pinky straight up either.  Weird genetics.

2. I know I am in the super minority here, but I love grape flavored foods and drinks. I love grape soda, grape skittles, grape ice pops.  I would choose grape over any other flavor. 

3. It is crazy to me that I used to think designer jeans were a necessary item in my budget (  I was so wise in my early twenties haha. ), now I know I can get such great jeans at Old Navy, Gap, Loft, Target for 1/10 of the price of designer jeans, and they are just as nice and I don't feel guilty if they go out of style and I no longer wear them.  I can't  even stomach spending what I used to spend on jeans anymore.  Now I have drawers full of designer jeans that I refuse to throw away....do we think flair jeans will come back in style?? haha.

4.  For our wedding reception, the caterer makes the bride and groom their favorite meal, you can choose anything.  I know it is boring, but I am seriously considering chicken pot pie, It is the ultimate comfort food and a childhood favorite, but at the same time I feel like I should choose something a little more "adult" or fancy, I mean I can choose anything.  Decisions. Decisions.


5. Growing up I was not an animal lover ( I know *GASP*) I had a love/hate relationship with our cat growing up.  My sister recently got a a kitten that I love, and now I want one haha.  I never thought I would see the day. 

How ridiculously cute is she in her fur trimmed winter coat.



  1. The cat coat oh my gosh!!!!!

    I'm also an Old Navy jeans girl.

    Thanks for posting!! :)

  2. Love this, L!! I'm with you on the jeans - and I have so many pairs of designer jeans that are just in bins. They don't even fit anymore! Even my beloved white J Crew jeans are getting a little pricey at $98! And that kitty with the coat...I can't even...You should totally get one. I like a cat, but Ben is allergic, so I can come love on yours.

  3. I love chicken pot pie! I would totally do that!