Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Six Months.

SIX MONTHS!   HOLY COW!  The months are flying by...I just got butterflies the wedding will be here before I know it!

Here is where I am in terms of my list accomplishments and near future "To Do's" with six months to go!

1. Pick a Date -----------------CHECK

2. Reception Venue ------------ CHECK

3. Church --------------------------CHECK
* So excited to be getting married in the church I grew up in.

4..Band ------------------------------CHECK


6. . Wedding Dress and Veil--CHECK
* So. Excited. This makes everything feel so real

7.Engagement Party-------------CHECK
* This was not on my check list, but my parents hosted a fabulous engagement party for DFH and I over Christmas so I had to add it to my check list

8. Announce Engagement in the paper---------CHECK

9. Ask Bridal Party To Be In Wedding ---------------CHECK

10. Take Engagement Pictures
* Hopefully we will take our Pittsburgh Engagement pictures in the next few weeks

11. Hire Organist for Ceremony ----------------------CHECK

12. Reserve Hotel Rooms ----------------------------CHECK

13. Choose Bridesmaid Dresses--------------------CHECK

14. Book a Florist---------------------------------------CHECK

15.Pick and Book a Rehearsal Dinner Location------CHECK

16. Register--------------------------------------CHECK

17. Choose Save The Dates--------------------------------CHECK

18. Rent Chairs---------------------------------------------CHECK

19. Order Groom and groomsmen attire

20. Research / Book Videographer

21. Research/ Book Transportation

22. Book Hairstylist--------------------------------CHECK

23. Book Makeup

24. Attend Caterer Food Tasting--------------------CHECK

25. Meet with our minister-----------------------------CHECK

26. Ask KLS to sing at our ceremony -----------------CHECK
* So excited for her to sing at our wedding!

27.Complete Guest list ------------------------------------CHECK

28. Research Invitations --------------------------------CHECK

29. Order Invitations

30. Set up wedding website--------------------------CHECK

31. Book day after wedding photographer

32. Research Honeymoon -------------------------CHECK
* Not quite done with this one.

33. Book Honeymoon

34. Decide on Ceremony Music

35. Find/Order reception decor items

36. Finalize Welcome Bag ideas

37. Decide on Table Number design

38.  Decide on Place Card design

39. Order Thank You Cards ---------------------CHECK

40. Pick out Bridal Shoes/ accessories

41. Take NJ Engagement pictures

42.  Surprise Bridal Shower!! --------------------CHECK
* This was not on my to do list, but I had to share: My mom and bridal party hosted the best bridal shower ever for me last weekend!  I was shocked! I think I was shaking the whole time.  I can't imagine a better shower!

And the list goes on.....


  1. So much done!!! I am just about at the 6-month mark and I'm also pretty much done! It feels so good to have only a handful of things left to do. Now I get to just enjoy!

  2. (me again... tagged you in a post today

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog. As a VERY newlywed, I must say you are doing very well! SO many things accomplished already! Enjoy the planning!

  4. Oh! And I blog over at :)