Wednesday, December 4, 2013

As Seen On TV.

      I have always been someone who has been intrigued by As Seen On TV products.  I mean if it's on TV it has to work right?   A lot of the As Seen On TV products surprisingly actually work, remember the Topsy Tail and the Magic Bullet?  Some not so much.  I remember wanting the ab shaker belt ( I cannot remember the actual name) growing up and thinking how cool it would be that I could get six pack abs just from walking around wearing the belt while it shakes.  Although my parents never bought it for me I think that's one As Seen On TV product that really was too good to be true  

Recently,  DFH and I have purchased some As Seen On TV products that are pretty phenomenal, that would also make great holiday gifts. 

1. The Perfect Tortilla



      This is a genius invention, place a tortilla in the mold place it in the oven for seven minutes and you have a  crispy tortilla bowl. We have used the tortilla bowls for taco salads and even as bowls for salsa and guacamole when entertaining.  You can not mess this up, and an added bonus is it is an easy clean up. 


2. OrGREENic Kitchenware:

   Don't you hate when you burn a pan and then you scrub it and let it sit in the sink with soap and water and then Brillo it and it still won't come off ?? Me too. This green pan solves that!  Honestly.   I am always amazed how quickly any amount of grease and grime comes off this pan. If you are always in a rush to clean up at night after cooking dinner this is a life saver.  I wouldn't say you should throw out your Calphalon and All-Clad sets, but  everyone needs at least one of these quick cleaning pans in their life for those messy pan meals. 

3. Café Cup

DFH and I bought a Keurig a few years back. We loved it,  but we were always running out of pods or we were spending a fortune on them. We had seen the reusable pod Keurig sells but you only get one refillable pod for almost $20. Then we came across the four pack of As Seen On TV reusable pods  for $10.95 at Walgreen's, but were weary that they would clog or not work due to the cheap price tag.   However, we were pleasantly surprised! We have had the reusable pods for about a year and our coffee tastes just as great as the real pods.  We now buy our favorite ground coffee and each fill a pod in the morning.  We use so much less coffee and have saved a lot of money.  I sound like such a salesperson, but we honestly love them.
What are your favorite As Seen on TV Products?  I am always in the market for new crazy gadgets. 


  1. I always have really enjoyed the "as seen on TV" commercials!


  2. The reusable pod is a genius idea!! I think that should be included when you buy a Keurig!!!

  3. I have the tortilla pan and I love it too! My parents got it for me on a whim. Haha.


  4. I love that tortilla pan! What a good idea! I don't know if snuggies count but we totally bought tons of them a few years ago when they were all the craze.. and then we got them and realized they are just backwards bath robes haha!

  5. I am going to have to buy the tortilla pan. That would come in so handy and I would make way too many taco salads. Such a good idea.