Tuesday, January 7, 2014


....I mean -8. 
Last night when I wrote this post it was 0 degrees.  I didn't believe it could get any colder, however this morning I woke up to a frightening sight on my phone, -8 temperatures.  Since I live in the city I usually take public transportation to work, however there was no way I was waiting outside today.   About twenty minutes before I was going to leave for work I turned my car on so that it was nice and toasty by the time I needed to leave. 

      I apologize I am one of those people who is talking about the weather today, but this just isn't ok guys.  For those of you fellow readers in the North East you are probably seeing / feeling similar temperatures.  January is normally cold in Pittsburgh, but I can't remember a time when the temperature was a negative.  Also there is only minimal snow here, but all the schools and several businesses are closed, even the courts are closed today due to the frigid temperatures.

   After work yesterday it was almost as cold as it is today, I rushed right home to put on a pair of comfy pjs pants and furry socks and sat myself on the couch with my warmest blanket.  I had a million things I wanted to do, but I just couldn't get myself warm enough or off the couch. 


    It is so cold that last night and today we have been letting the water drip out of the faucet to prevent the pipes from freezing.   Brrr.  I don't know how people who live further north deal with this all the time. 

    The positive of yesterday and today is the Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer sale.  I was happy that I was able to sign right on to the site yesterday with no issues and bought some goodies which have me counting down the days until I can wear them when the weather is warmer.  My favorite purchase was the Beckett dress. I know I will get so much use out of it this spring and summer, although, I seriously need to stop buying stripes.  I'm addicted. 

Did you get anything good at the Lilly sale?

In the meantime I'll be dreaming of being back on a beach with a drink in my hand. 

Stay warm friends.


  1. It was 2 this morning in Nashville, TN. where I live; when I walked outside this morning I thought I was going to cry! I love the Lilly Sale, they have such great things!


  2. It has been really cold here too...I actually put on pajamas and curled up under a blanket as soon as getting home today too!

    Jealous of your Lilly buy..I just bought a new computer so that pretty much has killed my spending for the rest of the month. I didn't even look at the sale online, because I didn't want to be tempted. I'm a sucker for stripes, too...

  3. I am not going to lie I am spoiled with the weather here in Southern California because I would die in that weather! You have such a cute blog and I am excited to be a new follower!