Friday, January 3, 2014


     Wow, what a great New Year's Eve!!! This year we were lucky enough to be able to walk to our NYE party which alone was amazing. If anyone is familiar with the cab situation in Pittsburgh you know that it is near impossible to get one on NYE and in the past we've waited almost three hours just to get a cab on NYE.  So we started the night in high spirits just knowing we would be able to get home when we were ready to go home.

Our friend ALV hosted the celebration at a local bar and it was not only a NYE party, but also a 30th birthday party for her boyfriend.  ALV was quite the hostess and had delicious appetizers and covered the bar with 30th birthday decorations, about 75 people came out to celebrate BS and 2014.  

Sorry for the dark pictures the lighting was bad and I only had my iPhone.  

The hostess with the mostess and her mom. 

DFH and I just before midnight. 

LES and I enjoying our NYE cocktails. 

    I love all holidays mostly just because I love any excuse for a party and a celebration, but NYE is one of my favorites. I am a huge fan of dressing up and I think it's fantastic that sequins are always appropriate on NYE whether you are celebrating at a dive bar or at a gala.  Plus I just love looking back on my past year and celebrating what is to come.  For me I have always celebrated NYE with friends and I always look at NYE as a celebration of all my friendships. 

We had an incredible night and it was so fun celebrating BS, one of the first of our friends to turn 30.  

Here's to 2014 and all the 30th birthdays this year.  I know mine is creeping up in just a couple months. Eeek. #canibe29forever. 


  1. Your hair looks amazing in these photos!!!

    How nice to be able walk to the party. That makes a huge difference!