Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Weekend Update

Well, another great weekend has come and gone too fast. 

     This weekend was mostly spent getting ready to move into our new house. We painted walls, stained baseboards, took trips to Ikea, and multiple trips to Home Depot.  I can't wait to finally move in and I'm excited to share our work once we have more done.  It still amazes me how much you can change the look and brighten up a room with just a simple paint change. The weekend we worked on the master bedroom and changed out the dark tan color  paint for a lighter blue-slate color on the walls, the room already seems so happy to me.  I just hope I like the color just as much once we add the furniture.  

      Saturday night we were able to take a break from all the housework to attend the Full Bloom Dance Party event which benefits the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, a local performing arts theater in East Liberty, where one my best friends LES, sits on their board.   

   We met up with ALV and BS before the event and grabbed a drink at the Livermore, which specializes in 1920's style cocktails.    ALV and I both got the French 75 which is one of my favorite champagne cocktails and it was quite delicious.  From there he headed to the theater for the main event. 

Full Bloom was a blast, they had a great variety of food and drinks and the event turned into a dance party.
The whole gang.
Junior League ladies
 I think my favorite part was the airplane photo booth.  They even had a giant fan blowing on you so that it looked like you were flying.  

I think we may have had too much fun. 

Such kids at heart.

Happy Tuesday!  


  1. Looks like fun! Love French 75s too!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend with friends, that photo booth looks like so much fun!