Monday, October 12, 2015

2 Years.

   Today marks our two year wedding anniversary!!!

 Sometimes it feels like we have been married forever ( we have been dating for almost 10 years) and other times it feels like our wedding day was yesterday, but I do wish I could do that day all over again.  It really was one of the best. days. ever. 

  We celebrated on Saturday with a date night downtown. We started off with drinks and apps at The Commoner and then dinner at Butcher and the Rye which is famous for its whiskeys and meats. 

   How cool is their bar?!  I love the vintage library ladder. We shared a few small plates and everything was incredible. I highly suggest the pig's wing if you are local.  

 We ended the night at Andy's in the Fairmont hotel for some wine and snapped the only picture of us we took all night. 

Clearly we were having too much fun.
     Tonight we are celebrating with lobster and favorite.

                                               Cheers to many, many, many, more happy years DFH!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Loved the last pic of you cute!