Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Lately, I feel like I would be better off being a duck.  It has not stopped raining in months.  So far in Pittsburgh it has rained all but two days in May and all but seven days in April and this weather may stay like this until July.  I may start to build my Ark this weekend ( if the world doesn't end ;) )    I also may need to start getting some rain appropriate gear which still makes me look fashionable. 

   Mr. Sun???

1. Duck Shoes

I have bean boots, which I believe are knock offs from the 1990's which look like the above, I mean they keep my feet dry, but they are not attractive, unless I am attempting to look like a lumber jack.  Now so many designers have modernized the duck shoes, and there are so many cute options to help your feet stay dry when walking in flood waters.

Tory Burch "ducks"

   I also love the colorful L.L. Bean rubber mocs options.

2. Rain boots

   Some hot pink Hunter Wellies may be necessary if the flood waters really get high

These Sperry Toile patterned boots would do the trick as well.

3.  Outerwear

 Love this Polka Dot Rain jacket sold on Kaboodle

 or this Patagonia Shell

I hope these North Face rain pants are not necessary to trudge through the streets of Pittsburgh when the Mon river floods

This poncho would be necessary if I had a fur baby

4.  Umbrellas

I love these Burberry and Kate Spade umbrellas with the curly umbrella handle

Check out these City Slippers from Swims which are water proof shoes made to protect your heels

Just slide your heels right in, I am definitely investing in these. 

If you need me I'll be in my Ark with all my BFF's

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