Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Essie is polished

Out of all of the nail polish brands Essie is my favorite.  I have always loved the color choices, and I think it goes on the easiest.   I had no idea that Essie, was named after the owner herself Essie Weingarten. 

Essie Weingarten was featured in this months Better Homes and Gardens and I am now even more fascinated with herself and the company. 

In the article Essie discusses how she was bored with the usual red and pink nail polish colors in the 1980's and as a buyer at Henri Bendel ( jealous!!) she was inspired to create great new nail colors from all of the fabrics and ribbons she worked with. 

She also states that one of her favorite nail colors is Ballet Slippers, which as I've stated before happens to be my favorite as well. 

Essie states the best colors for ....

Gardeners:  Lady Like

Cooks:  Mademoiselle, Sugar Daddy, Ballet Slippers, or Allure

Sugar Daddy

Job Interview: French Manicure

Impressing Someone:  Clam bake

Meeting the In-Laws:  Rock Candy

Essie has created a color for Better Homes and Gardens named "BHG Beautiful"  which looks like prefect fall color, I was unable to find a picture, but its a pretty maroon color and you can apply on their website to win a bottle.

What is your go to Essie color?


  1. WICKED!!! I can't wait to get my dark nails on for the fall :)

  2. Maroon sounds lovely for fall.I also like the clam bake.

  3. I HEART "Starter Wife" and Boathouse is my hands down favorite!

  4. By the way - this is totally inappropriate, but I know you IRL so I'm going to say it. When I just left that comment, my encryption word was "blomi." Say it outloud....hardy har har I got a little chuckle.

    Hey - it's the little things on a Tuesday morning.

  5. Ballet slipper is by far my favorite Essie Color, to me its just the perfect all around color! I had no idea she named the polish after herself so cool!

  6. Cute post! I've been looking for new colors and now I'm going to try this brand! Thanks!


  7. oh i have an obsession with essie! the colors are outstanding, my go to colors are cute as a button, fiji and status symbol, love trying all the new essie colors!

  8. I love Essie, but I bought two new colors last week and tried painting my toes with them last night and it did not go well, ha. I need to back and exchange them! One was the new mauve color from the fall line. Great on my fingers, not so much on my toes...

  9. Lovin' that green!!
    I have given you a couple of fun blog awards if you want to stop by and collect :)
    I love your blog!