Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Judging a Wine Bottle By its Cover

   I love finding fun and personal bottles of wine to give friends for birthdays, special occasions, hostess gifts etc.   Who doesn't love getting a bottle of wine where the title/theme fits them perfectly.  While I was at home in NJ this past weekend I came across some fun bottles I have never seen before, that would be so fun to give as gifts. 

TXT Wine for the obsessive texter/word abbreviator in your life

We chose the WTF

Middle Sister Wine has a variety of different fun wines, which sister are you?

   Drama Queen?

 Goodie Two Shoes?

Sweetie Pie?

 Sweet And Sassy?

  Smarty Pants?

  Mischief Maker?

Each wine has a paragraph describing the type of sister each wine is.

My favorite is Sweet and Sassy:

"After a long hard day of being fabulous, I like to relax with a glass of wine. But I don't want it to bite me back. Isn't there enough drama in this world? That's why this wine is my new best wine friend. With a touch of natural sweetness, it's smooth and refreshing and so easy to love. Moscato, always stay as sweet as you are. I'll handle the sassy part."

I love that there is a sister to describe most of my friends :)

Other great wines to give as gifts:

HOUSE WINE: My friend ALV gave this to her friends Ali and Jon when they bought their new house

BITCH WINE::   This is self explanatory, but funny to give a BFF when she's not having her best week.

CUPCAKE WINE:  These are always cute to give for a friend's birthday.

Do you have have fun wines you like to give friends?


  1. I saw the bitch wine this past weekend! I absolutely love picking wines by the label. I got that from my dad he says if a winery spends money on a good label shouldn't the wine be good? The theory is not always the best but you get some pretty neat looking bottles!

    I believe the wine maker of house wine also makes the kung fu wine, and several other good ones!!

  2. This is cute!
    Mmmm I love Moscato :)

  3. Ohhhhhhhh my gosh those are all too cute! There is a really fun wine company and you can send pictures in and they will make a wine label from your picture. I will have to find out the name of the co! Makes for great presents!!!!

  4. Fun!!! I have received the Bitch wine as a gift (not sure if that says anything about me lol) and it was good good!

  5. Thanks for following my blog! I love your blog..its so cute! Great posting about wines! :)

  6. I loveee cupcake wine!! Always good for birthdays, or anytime :)