Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabulous Awards and Fall Goals

    I am so honored to be receiving blog awards and tags!!! 
 Thanks so much for reading!!!

The wonderful It's the Little Things... presented me with two  fabulous awards:

And the sweet Happily Ever Healthy also gave me a fabulous award:

The rules of redeeming these awards are as follows...
  Write seven things about yourself and then pass the award on to other bloggers

  1. I am unreasonably afraid of domesticated pet  fish.  
  2. My favorite food is Pizza, specifically salad pizza from a local pizzeria in my hometown in NJ.
  3. I like to cook with at least three cloves of garlic in every meal.
  4. Teen Mom is my guilty pleasure
  5. In college I studied abroad in London, and it is my most favorite city in the world.
  6. I love DIY projects
  7. I drive a manual car                        
Also the lovely Nautical by Nature tagged me in a blog tag where I am tagged to list 5 goals for Fall:

My Fall Goals:

1.  Go to the gym on a regular basis
2. Go to the eye doctor and finally get contacts ( I've been putting off getting contacts forever )
3. Make my own wine
4. Send more snail mail
5. wake up earlier ( it would be nice to be able to sit down and eat breakfast rather than eating my bagel on the way to work)

Thanks so much!!!  Please check out their blogs they are so great and I am so happy to be receiving awards/tags from them.

I am passing the Versatile Blogger award and this tag to the following Fabulous blogs:

Happy Thursday xoxo


  1. I am the same way I love garlic and put garlic cloves in everything! Happy Thursday!

  2. get contacts they are so much better than glasses! i finally broke down and got them over a year ago and I love them, so easy to put in, I hear that is a big problem for some people but I highly recommend them and yes send more snail mail, lets be snail mail buddies if you like!

  3. You deserve them! :)
    I love your lists too, I smiled at the fish comment hehe you should see the size of our goldfish!!
    Have a fantastic rest of the week :)

  4. I'm with you on the garlic - I can't can't get enough! Congrats on your awards :)